Saturday, August 11, 2007

Giuliani's daughter backs Obama, then backs off

 This is so funny , imagine your own daughter does not support your nor your party and supports your political rival and your rival party !!

It seems that Giuliani's daughter Caroline favored Obama as a President more than her father before changing her opinion publicly , she seems that she does not want to be the first daughter ,this surprises me in her age

But may be she is paying back to her dad after his old treason when he was married to her mom

Or MAY BE SHE is smart Newyorker girl who knows that Obama is really better than her own daddy

Of course Rudy made her leave the Obama facebook group and now she is in the Giuliani's team otherwise she won't get a penny from him as easy as that  

Giuliani's daughter backs Obama, then backs off -


  1. That's okay (screw her) - my son is working for Obama, as an intern, this fall/winter in New Hampshire. Rudi's a fake, a liar, and probably the best the Republicans can offer right now, until everyone finds out more about his wife. No one in my family likes him, or Hillary. They're both "politicians" who will say what they think everyone wants to hear, instead of what they believe in. So far, in this family, it's Obama and Edwards.

  2. I don't like Rudi or Guiliani either ,I don't know about Edwards , but I like Obama ,his middle eastern views are what we need especially for Syria
    in the republicans , the only one I like till now in Ron Paul but of course the man got no chance of course

  3. Ron Paul is an old fashioned Republican, not a neo-con. A lot of people like him, but he's got no support. Actually, I really like Kucinich, but he's got no chance either. He gets great applause during the debates and, I think, keeps some of the Democrats on their toes. He's very liberal and isn't afraid to say so, like Hillary is.

  4. Kunicih is excellent , I like his views about the Middle east still as you said he got no support especially that as I read that he is working on a law that bans the sale of handguns to civilians ,especially after what had happened in Virgina tech


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