Wednesday, September 12, 2007

After Lebanon , Now it is Kuwait

Do you remember when all of the sudden the Arab world last year 2006 found itself in front of a storm coming from Lebanon that is the rise of the LGBT rights group there !!?? Do you remember the rainbow rally and the press conference in Beirut ?? Not to mention the various gay blogs and the endless press coverage for quite sometime , of course online Press

Well be ready because the Next LGBT in the Arab world is coming from Kuwait

Oh yes Kuwait

The homosexuals in Kuwait want a legal protection under the Kuwaiti laws especially for the transgenders as the Kuwaiti law prohibits the transgenders operations

The homosexuals in Kuwait already according to the Kuwaiti El-Nahr newspaper had requested the social Services ministry's permission to have their own LGBT rights group

This is not a surprise to me because Homosexuality is well known in Kuwait and it is something most Arabs know ,by the way here I am not attacking Kuwait heavens forbid ,it is not an attack it is something well known and everyone is speaking about it lately with the spread of the Internet and media 

It is used to be in the closet taboo , always brought up when some Kuwaiti attacks Egypt , in my Arabic blog I received similar comments about this ,yes Egypt has its gays and Lesbians in the closet but not in public like in Kuwait

It was a common thing last year to find the Lebanese and Gulf women and lifestyle magazines speaking about the gay men who go to the women beauty centers , it was a common thing in the Arabic forums and newsgroups to find the photos for Kuwaiti gays busted or had seen here of there

Yet no one dared to speak about it publicly except when the problem of the "Tomboys" or the "Boyait" in Arabic began to surface,it seems that there is huge attack of Tomboys in the Kuwaitis girls high schools ,that attack included direct sexual harassments to the normal girls

here is a misunderstanding in the use of the word I believe because not all the "Tomboys" girls are lesbians where as according to what the Kuwaitis and Gulf press are reporting for months these girls are lesbians who go after other girls 

It is a huge problem and many parents complained from especially after several sexual harassment incidents took place

in A very direct and rare move the Kuwaiti government funded a special campaign to fight back this phenomena with 2 million dollars , it is not in one or two high schools , as the researchers estimated the numbers of the Kuwaiti Tomboys by thousands only in the schools , it is very scary, is n't it!!

Not to mention I do not know how they fight it back !!??

Yet as I said it is not a surprise , the Lesbianism in Kuwait is a very well known problem ,it is just came out of the closet ,it was always there,yet no one dared to discuss it along with homosexuality in the case of men

Strangely Kuwait has a very strong parliament which discusses everything still they have never opened this taboo , in fact now they are suffering from the Tomboys and drag queens , a typical modern Arabic act

I do not know if the LGBT in Kuwait will have their own rainbow rally one day or not , if you ask me I do not want them , because it will be a very dangerous dramatic change to our believes "well I am a liberal in something and a conservative in other things"


  1. Well done on this article and ramadan kareem from the UK x

  2. I wish everybody would stay in the closets. I don't want to know what people do in their bedrooms. I, too, am conservative when it comes to these things. What is the world coming to I wonder. It often seems that nothing is private. Nothing is sacred. People's most personal intimate details are out there in the open for all to read, see and hear. In the media and on the internet people just want to expose themselves until there is nothing left. Humans have come up with too many permutations and combinations when it comes to sexuality.

    I have a female friend who teaches in UAE and she told me that she was being stalked by a female student who was making sexual overtures and following her everywhere. She even overhead a group made up of this girl and her friends planning to swarm and rape my friend. It got to the point that she had to tell the principal and have the principal speak to the girl's mother. I shook my head when I heard this story and I thought I wonder what God must think of all of the strange and bizarre things that humans do.

  3. @anonymous, thanks and Allah Akram from Egypt

    @N.american Princess, I agree with you , you know from couple of years ,i once got stalked by a lesiban too by this time online , I did not know what she was after adding her on MSN except 4 months , the scary she was in the Cairo University too and she was in a faculty beside mine ,thank goodness I blocked here ,also I did not give her much info like she did

  4. hey there...

    you know..homosexuality isnt just in kuwait or lebanon..its in every country out there...even egypt...if you recall the incident that happened a few years back in egypt...where 50+ guys were on a boat having a gay group party...

    maybe In kuwait we have it more open because we do not charge it..or see it against the law...we are more open than any country I guess...

    As for my opinion...i think its up to them..because they are human at the end...some of them might have some problems or so...

    I dont see homosexuals as a flow in a country...I look much more above my country (kuwait) we have something more important stuff to look at than homosexuals..

    as for know there is alot to work for in egypt ..and before you say i dont have the mum is egyption..and i know how egypt is...

    people should look to more important stuff ...

  5. Spikey , I did not say that it was only in Kuwait or in Lebanon , and I remember very well the incident of Queen Nariman Boat

    Spikey ,the tomboys problem is considered a social problem in the Kuwaiti government's view that specialized a sum of money 2 million dollar I guess to fight it back , alreayd I do not know how but still they considered it a problem it is about me and what I think
    the homosexuality is not accepted and is prohibited in Islam and Kuwait is an Islamic country , not a secular one
    to tell you the truth I saw many young Kuwaitis who seemed see no problem in homosexuliaty , I do not know it was the effect of the western culture or what

  6. well alcohol is forbidden in Islam..yet many Muslim countries like Egypt..still alcohol is served in many restaurants around Egypt..clubs and dancing are forbidden but still we find it around the Muslim world...

    so for financial causes we can do something forbidden in Islam?? but when its homosexuals we freak out?

    zeinobia..tomboys are not really homosexuals..well most of them...most of them in Kuwait are fake..they just need the attention..nothing more nothing less..

    as for how people think..I think everyone is entitled to his opinion...even if you see it wrong form your side...however what you mean is ..that young Kuwaities keep their opinion to themselves...why bother with homosexuals if they dont bother with me...

  7. You're such a bore. God bless the LGBTQ. Half Egypt is gay. Your men cheat on their wives - been there, done that!
    Open up your eyes. Maybe the women are just too ugly.

  8. LOL That's a creative hate speech, congratulations.

  9. @anonymous ,with my all respect Go to hell , who is ugly ?? oh yeah half Egypt is gay and we got all those babies per minute !!

    @Mohamed ElGohary , I think I am more creative

  10. If people would just let people live their lives it wouldn't have to be in everyone's face. If you could look at it from the other side why should gay people watch a man and a woman kissing or carrying on. Not everyone will be gay, ever. I think there are enough people in the world to cover all catagories. People who believe other people should not show who they really are dictators. I thought the world was through with dictatorship? I think this blog proves something different

  11. im gay and im horny.. what are u gunna do about it?

  12. @anonymous#1, with my all respect God created man and woman so they kiss,this is what should

    @anonymous#2, nothing but I do not approve and I do not like it


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