Friday, September 14, 2007

The Victim of Rumors

The real victim of the Rumors about the President's life or health is not the Egyptian Economy or national security like what the official media is saying , the real victim of these rumors is Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Eissa

Egyptian Journalist Ibrahim Eissa ,the Chief in editor of El-Dostor is going to stand in front of the court in October for the charges of "Spreading Rumors that affected negatively on the National Economy and Security"

The Charge that if he is found guilty of,he will be jailed for 4 complete years

This is of course beside the court's order on the 13th of September 2007 to jail him with other three Chief in editors and pay a fine for insulting the President and his son , there is an appeal for this court order

It is very astonishing because those who followed El-Dostor carefully  during the time of the rumors will know that it is a false charge

Ibrahim Eissa and El-Dostor did not spread any rumors from any kind and for honesty I did not know the rumor from them and for days they ignored till it became an impossible and unacceptable to ignore it ,when all the country ,when the people outside and inside began to speak about

And even when they spoke about they spoke about it as a rumor that came as a result of certain events , the absence of the President and the emergency situation in one of the military hospital according to the various tales that were spread across the Egyptians. They did not say it was a fact , Eissa did not say that that was the truth

El-Dostor did like any respectable newspaper and discussed the implications of such sudden absence of the President in that critical time in Egypt

The one thing that can be a mistake from their side "according to others not according to me" was that when they published a headline saying Mubarak is suffering from blood circulation shortage that causes faints , still I do not see any mistake in that , already they mentioned their sources which were as far as I remember Foreign Press ,I do not know why this is considered a Taboo , discussing the President's health , is not he a human like the rest of us ???

Ibrahim Eissa did another big mistake also according to others not to me when he wrote in his daily column in the front page of Daily Dostor from Two weeks ago attacking the regime under the title "The Gods do not get Sick" Powerful title , I will try to find and scan it , on that day he did not only attack Mubarak and Son ,but also he attacked Susan Mubarak Whom afterwards directly came out and appeared on Al-Arabiya Channel saying the President was fine and okay , and those who spread rumors should be punished and hold responsibility !!

Since then the official media began its campaign against Ibrahim Eissa and El-Dostor in a very stupid way , till one day we found that the State Security "follows the interior ministry" was demanding the attendance of Eissa to its headquarters and after that the story became uglier and uglier !!

They questioned Eissa about the meaning of his column under the title "Gods do not get sick "

What do you mean by that ??

and Eissa told them boldly

"I mean Gods do not get sick"

During that time all the official press began its war of vengeance from Eissa and his newspaper which used to attack them on weekly basis for their corruption and hypocrisy

The Journalists Syndication stood beside him , yet the high council of Press whose members are appointed by the regime  joined the crusade !!

It turned out that Eissa was the reason behind Egypt's loss of 300 million pounds because of his role in the rumor , it turned out that Foreign investors left Egypt because of him , it turned out that he is the serial killer of El-Maadi !! Seriously speaking they made him as if he was a traitor should be hanged !!

Ok he should be hanged but what about the others who spread the rumors for the sake of the NDP !!??? What about the Chief in editor of the newly daily "Badeel" who let his newspaper published under the headlines that "Mubarak's fake visit to the smart village "

This new newspaper published that the visit Mubarak made to the Smart village in the same week of the rumor was an old visit from two years ago and the ministry of information re-aired it again to prove that he is alive and fine !!

This is what I call spreading rumors , because many Egyptians on that day began to repeat that that was a fake visit , that was a fake visit !!

Still no one touched this chief in editor Mohamed El-Sid Said  , who is by the way working in the Al-Ahram Strategic studies center which follows Al-Ahram newspaper that is owned by the regime !! Hello why there is a discrimination !!??

Dr. Said is going to stand not in front of the court but in front of a discipline council only !!

In the end I want to say that I used to believe that Eissa was Pseudo opposition journalist like Mustafa Bakery , but I was wrong ,Eissa is an honest man

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  1. Zenobia..didn't something similar happen to the late Mostafa Amin?

  2. well I think what Amin faced was much more worse ,much more serious,he was facing espionage charges , they accused him of spying to the United States
    sending him to jail for a decade or something
    it was a game made by Nasser regime , Amin was known to have a good relations with the Americans ,in the early 1960s they asked to him to have a connect them then they made him appear like the spy
    Nasser regime was much worse no one can deny this , very dirty regime !!
    Treason charges , no they do not dare to do something similar now

  3. Amin told the Americans cut off the wheat supplies to Egypt and Nasser will kneel down........that qualifies as treason to me

  4. Amre ,it turned out after all those years that it was a fake accusation , according to all those who were living the era and spoke the truth afterwards
    you are too radical

  5. Amin was not a spy-Im sure about that. But it was big mistake from him to advice the Americans to punish Egypt

  6. @Amre, look this was a fabrication from the regime to arrest him , this was well known , he advised no one and even if he did ,he did it by their permission , subject is close Amin is dead now and we got now another journalist we is being cruxified in the middle of the day


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