Monday, November 12, 2007

I am tagged

Wow it has been sometimes that someone tags me in my blog , may be because people realize that I am the last person to be tagged ,as I always forget about my turn , anyhow my dear Fadfadation tagged me and I could not resist this tag because it is so nice


Everyone in the blogging scene has a blog name and sometimes a blog photo (icon) too. Ever wondered where that came from and why they choose it?

Now is the time to know...

1- What is your Blog's name?

Egyptian Chronicles

2- Why did you choose that name?

Well I like the word "Chronicles" and when I started this blog I just wanted to share with the rest of the world that face of Egypt that you do not know , and that's I chose the name "Egyptian Chronicles" which was by the way the name of the first Egyptian Newspaper published in the 19th century in Egypt and the state's official newspaper till now " I do not know where they are selling it "

3- What does your blog's photo represent to you (if any)? Please post your Blog's photo below..

OK You got it

It is a scenery for the Nile and the Pyramids , it is about Egypt Winking


And that's folks :)

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