Monday, November 5, 2007

Sorry but what about the young age of Emad El-Kebeer ??

At last the court said its final verdict in the famous case torture case of " Emad El-Kebeer" today

A reminder of the case:

"Emad" was tortured and sexually abused by the members in the police force in populated area of "Boulaq" last year in January 2006 , those police officers who did not stop at that but they even filmed his torture on a mobile phone and distributed it in the area in a way to disgrace him "He was sexually abused and forced to say that he was a woman , he was a gay , in order to embraces him in his community which values manhood so much" , the problem that the video clip reached to the journalists and the activists and it became the talk of the media. The General Attorney decided to open an investigation ,the investigation turned in to a very long controversial case , it turned in to the Police and interior ministry VS. "Emad El-Kebeer" , the journalists and the bloggers , the bloggers who helped a lot in this case. The defense of the accused in our case who were the police officers used all possible way to defend them in a very stupid way , I mean in one of the sessions he said that it was a conspiracy between the drug dealers,Emad and the bloggers !! Another time he said that "Islam Nabih" is from a high Noble class where as "Emad" is from a low power Class !!!!!!!!!!!! "Nabih" is the primary suspect and accused and the officer with the highest rank in the case"

Anyhow the verdict at last came today the 5th of November and remember remember the 5th of November ,it is always a special day in Egypt , the verdict came to find the accused officers  guilty of torturing "Emad El-Kebeer" thanks to the evidences primarily the technical one which is the voices of the Officers that appeared in the video clip ,the verdict did not stop here , the court decided to jail "Islam Nabih" and the other officers for three years !!

Oh yes for three years only !!!!

Well it is a double edged rule with my all respect , yes it is a great thing and a victory for all those who believed in the right of "Emad" that "Nabih" is found guilty and is going to jail , yet this is too short sentence , three years only !!!

The disaster is not in the rule but the justification of the rule by the Judge "Because of the young age of the accused "Nabih is 27 years old" and their small experience we decided to jail them for three years only !!!!!!!!!!!!"

Young age and small experience !!!

with my all respect When "Emad" was abused he was younger than me , "Emad" 's father died after watching that clip ,small experience , I am sorry but this is a torture case , does torture need expertise so the penalty would be longer than 3 years !!!???

I do not understand this justification of the judge's rule at all and  I am sorry to say that this rule is biased and light

Yet on the other hand we must be thankful because I believed that "Emad" would not be able to get back his rights , at least now he can walk and his head high in his area , he sent those torturers behind bars , what is great about this young man is that he did not shut up

By the way believe it or not , this sentence against "Nabih" was the maximum sentence issued against a police officer in the last 20 years in similar cases, of course Nabih will no longer work in the police force

Mabrook to "Emad"

By the way despite that short sentence relatively to the crime they made ,it is a victory and a candle of hope to all those people who suffered and are suffering from the police brutality

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