Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Gaddafi circus in Paris

From two weeks ago the French media had nothing to speak about and criticise except the controversial visit of El-Gaddafi , the 78382415 infamous dictator to the Freedom Capital Paris. The two ministers  the current French Cabinet had criticised the visit publicly : Rama  Yade and Bernard Kouchner who had to change his attitude after being publicly embraced with Libya's foreign minister Shalgam that the first had come to Libya and dined with the Libyan Official. Yade kept her strong position from the visit in fact she threatened as an objection on the visit ,I really respect Yade and her position because she acted as a real minister from human rights who believes that El-Gaddafi has no respect to the human rights to humans even if they are not french and even if he will bring zillions with him to France

Sarkozy invited El-Gaddafi to visit Paris after his historical visit to Libya from a short period where he played the role of a french Salesman in North Africa ,selling nuclear reactors to Algeria and promising El-Gaddafi with more toys in the attempt to restore the decreasing the French role in the North Africa.Already the French - Libyan relations began to take another road when the Sarko's ex-wife ,the former first lady Cécilia went and got back the Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor for some advanced French missile systems , this was only the start

Sarkozy visited Libya afterwards as I said as part of his trip in north sarkozy-and-qadhafi_400x262shkl Africa where he invited El-Gaddafi for a historical visit to France , the man took the chance ,after all he knows how unpopular he is in the European continent and how popular the Libyan money is !!

Sarko won a buddy in Libya and that what it seemed in Portugal ,ironically on the 8th of December the Libyan leader 78334274 suggested the European Countries should compensate the countries they occupied in Africa , this is a good suggestion but why he and his sons are continuing to invest in Italian  co-operations !!??

Sarkozy even made a historical decision when he let El-Gaddafi 78348209 install his circus tent beside Élysée Palace at Paris and surely if El-Gaddafi had wanted to install in his Sarko's bed room , the man could have said Oui after all with the amount of money the Libyan Green man had spent in deals.

El-Gaddafi paid about 13 billion dollars for deals with French companies in one visit , 13 billion dollars !!!! and you do not want Sarko to welcome him warmly and ignored all that attack !! Hell no , the human rights won't add 13 billion dollars to the French vaults !!!

El-Gaddafi paid to get  a Nuclear reactor despite the fact the man announced from couple of years that he discontinued his Nuclear T_6f7e3c18-bf08-4b89-bbd4-50a0aebdb4da program to please the west and spread the world peace !!

13 Billion dollars in useless projects , I am sorry but Libya needs more this money in projects than arming

one billion dollars from them can help Africa so much , the Africa which the Libyan leader is more proud to belong to !!!

Sarkozy is acting from his country's sake even if you do not approve it , he is using a fool to get more money for his country's factory , it is not his fault that the man is fool dictator and surely he is not the first bloody dictator or the last France is going to deal with him , France already supported many of his kind not to mention its bloody history in human rights

By the way I do not know what kind of pills that the Libyan leader 78386013takes but does not he look ill here in close up look ??

May be this visit contained some medical part too

The man looks terrible

By the way the man gave to king Juan Carlos his circus tent as a Present !!

Here is a nice slide show for the historical visit to France containing very interesting shots , already that man loves cameras and doing strange things in front of it


  1. Thank you for this. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Your satirical commentary was hilarious. Dammik khafeef!

    I think that kooky Khaddafi looks like aging rock star Mick Jagger. Note Mick Jagger has used and abused drugs most all of his life. And what is with that wild bizarre out of control hairstyle.I don't know if he is medically ill but I do think he isn't mentally the most stable leader out there with his green book and forgiven terrorist ties.

    Everything you said about this dictator and his regime is on the money. What I can't understand is why he escaped the wrath of America and Saddam did not. There never was an invasion of Libya.
    Mind you, he never bombed Tel Aviv so that could have something to do with it.

    Still, as you say, it is a huge shame and waste that all of that Libyan oil money does not benefit Libyans or his beloved Africans. He is on a shopping spree in Europe and Sarko and friends are willing to laugh at this freaky weird North African pieds-noir whose bizarre behavior is reminiscent of Michael Jackson.

    For sure, they will laugh and let him put up a circus tent even in Sarko's bedromm as you said if it means they can part him from his oil money. It's all about the almighty dollar or in this case Euro.

    One can't help but wonder what will become of Libya once his time on this earth is complete.

  2. @anonymous , yes he looks like Mich Jagger , I thought that he looked like someone but I could not figure out who he was , note some thing , Sir Mick Jagger said that he does not take any drugs anymore ,he does not look messed up like that Freak
    well for sure he is mentally ill , already he is not stable at all ,despite sometimes I feel he is very stable and smart and likes to do what ever he does in order to steal attention
    He escaped the Saddam fate simply because quickly he changed his position ,come on do you remember when he announced he would discontinue his nuclear and missile program , how he was too open to the west to the level that i heard that he let the Americans have an intelligence station near our bords !!
    I do not know how will Libya manage without him , but I am sure that he already has plans to one his son to occupy his place , I am sure we in Egypt have a huge interest in the future of Libya after this wacko


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