Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wael Abbas and Youtube fuss is not finished yet

Wael Abbas , the famous Egyptian blogger and journalist from couple of weeks found out his famous Youtube account where he published 181 video clips for two years including famous events like the elections and the infamous police torture clips was suspended , oh yes closed the account based on the complains policy

You see they claimed that they stopped the account based upon the huge numbers of complains they received , well I think there were some police officers State Security who were assigned to do nothing except to click on the "report this" button in Youtube accordingly

They stopped the account and the whole web was speaking about especially newspapers like the Guardian and so under the pressure the attack of the western media ,YouTube re-opened Wael Abbas' account and issued an official statement regarding the incident

Still the big surprise is that it is an empty account Wael Abbas' 181 videos were all deleted !! His favourite videos are not deleted

Now it is not over

I believe it is from the hypocrisy of Youtube to delete the files especially they did not give good reason at all as they claimed that they deleted it because Abbas did not give them a good title and description !!!

So Youtube now works with the Egyptian regime , well they have to know one thing , Youtube was not that famous in Egypt till Wael Abbas and the rest of the Egyptian bloggers began to upload these infamous videos that showed the whole world what is really happening in Egypt

Business is Business

Updated "11/12/2007" : Youtube restored the videos back to the account ,oh yes they did not delete them in the end ,good for them but as we say in Egypt "Why not from the beginning !!??"

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