Egyptian Chronicles: Kings Faisal and Abdallah's grand children and Fouad is still in Jail

Friday, January 11, 2008

Kings Faisal and Abdallah's grand children and Fouad is still in Jail

I found these photos through browsing , the grand children of Saudi kings late Faisal "May  Allah bless his soul" and Abdallah ,the current King

Here is the photo for King Faisal Grandson , he is called Mutaib ,a young handsome Saudi ,I do not know who is the father of this young man in the Faisal family


Here is the photo for King Abdallah grand children , two boys and girl, also I do not know what their names are or whose kids they are , King Abdallah got 20 Boys and girls !!

"Source: Al-Hazmiah group "


And now he may not be related to the Saudi Royal Family but they are responsible of him and they will be asked about him and his little children one day . His children are in the same age of King Abdallah's grand children for God Sake !!

I am speaking about Fouad El-Farahan ,who is now in custody for almost two months for no good reason , no definite charges except vague words


Fouad El-Farahan is not less than the Qatif girl and he should be released immediately or does the King of Saudi Arabia loves the American attack on his regime in the CNN and other media !!??

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  1. I've seen the pic of the late King Faisal's grandson. Yup..he's mighty fine...some1 sent me an email with the 10 most handsome Arab men and he was on the list. They forgot Ahmed Haroun though.

    Isn't there some kind of campaign on the internet amongst bloggers to free Fouad...similar to what was done to reinstate Wael's youtube account?

    I have to say this man is brave. Saudi takes your passport from you as soon as you arrive. A country that doesn't let visitors move freely in it is not a country about freedom for political bloggers. They should spend more time trying to improve the unemployment rate and the living conditions of the poor in their country instead.

  2. In italy we write oh him, as you can see at this link:

    Libertà per Fouad

    Have a nice day.



  3. @anonymous ,may I ask who were the other 9 men just for curiosty ?? :)
    Ahmed Haroun is handsome for sure but he is not known as he should be in the Arab world

    about Fouad , yes it is campagin led by the brave bloggers in Saudi Arabia , it is similiar to Wael's Youtube account,let's hope it will succeed like wael's account insh Allah and Fouad will be free and return to both home and online

    I agree with you , they are brave esepcailly Fouad and they should not give up now

    @Cristina , Gracis Cristina , mucho Gracis , sorry I wrote in Spanish , but thank You we need all the languages and all the world to stand with Fouad , thank you

  4. if u have a yahoo or hotmail acct i can forward u the email Zeinobia...some were v. attractive...i will look 4 the email..i'm pretty sure i kept it.. :0)

    ahmed haroun should be more well known..i watched him in Farah...nice cute film and he looked stunning..little girl was v. cute also in it

  5. @anonymous you can send it on email:
    well I am sure such email should be kept
    Unfortunately Farah was not the best the choice for Haron because from the Artistic point of view it was so weak ,the plot was represented before better than this
    Haron had a good opportunity in TV inlast Ramadan but unfortunately in that Marathon and the fact that Tyam Hassan took all the glory

  6. please provide me other photographs of grandson of king
    i will be grateful


  8. he is the most handsome man i ever seen in dis world................ he best wishes r always wit him,may go always bless him

  9. I heard that this is really not King Faisal's grandson at all, but some random good looking guy..

    It's funny how this internet hoax got out of hand because there's a fan page on FaceBook and everything.. don't get me wrong, I think this man is amazing-looking and was disappointed to fnd he is unkown =( but he is still the most handsome man out there I've seen!!!/pages/Mutaib-grandson-of-King-Faisal/30561441342?v=info

  10. Mutaib is the most charming guy i have ever seen.GOD BLESS HIM...If one day,no matter when...somebody have more details or pictures of him i pray to send me on e i will be greatful forever.thanks

  11. Subhanallah.. He's charming! Yay, the real charming :D

  12. gente esse cara lindo que aparece na foto como "príncipe mutai" na verdade não é príncipe... ele é modelo , seu nome é:TOURAJ NEZAFATI, procure no google.

  13. a guy with a face and name but hardly seen is a guy that is surely private.

  14. he is not grandson of king faisal.. he is touraj nezafati

  15. Leave alone the grandson of king faisal, this guy you'r calling 'prince mutaib' isn't an arab at all!! He's an iranian model called Touraj Nezafati!!! He's persian not arab!! i just hate it when people post pics of good looking celebs and unknown models claiming them to be someone else!! it just bugs me so bad!! now half of the world thinks that this iranian guy is the grandson of king faisal!! lol!! just imagine what the real grandson of the king would be feeling when he sees this great folly!! hey, arabs! i mean no disrespect but for just once in your lives can you stop declaring every other guy or girl as an ARAB!! please get a life of your own!!

  16. hhahahahaha, I will visit iran soon then..


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