Monday, January 21, 2008

The Siege of Gaza and the end of the Egyptian role in the region.

I do not know to start with what , both are killing me , the on going siege of Gaza and how suddenly the world is acting as there were no humans in this part of the world , or the bitter fact that the Egyptian role as a leading country in the Arab world is decreasing more and more towards the end.

I will start with the bitter fact that the Egyptian role as leading country in the Arab world , as if Egypt does not care I found today that Saudi Arabia is calling for immediate urgent Arab summit in Cairo to discuss what is going in Gaza for Siege , the Saudi Arabia is the one that is calling for immediate summit , not Egypt , Egypt is the one that should call for this summit immediately , with my all respect to Saudi Arabia.

This is just a little thing that shows to where we are heading , our leadership is being taken from us to Saudi Arabia , it is not the mistake of Saudi Arabia but it is the mistake of the Egyptian regime , the current Egyptian regime . And I sorry I will not accept anyone comes and says that it was the mistake of President Sadat and that he aliened us , sorry it is not the mistake of Sadat nor Camp David , even in the time of Camp David and the Arab world boycott we were number one in the Arab world .

Also Mubarak had 25 years to restore and mend what ever damage happened on the contrary , we lost a lot in the 25 years

During time of King Farouk,Presidents Naguib, Nasser and Sadat , May Allah bless their souls Egypt was considered a real leader of the Arab world , she did not wait anyone .

But now !!??

By the way our excuse that we have enough problems is  not a good excuse .

Now let's go to Gaza , one of the worst things ever in the problem is that Egypt is exporting natural gas to Israel for the cheapest price ever that created a loss to us where the people in Gaza are in terrible siege

Already the least thing Egypt can do is to open the borders and send immediate medical aids to the Great people of Gaza who hided our soldiers and officers in 1967 ,I know that a man like Mustafa Hafiz is not resting in his tomb currently !!

People shame on the world and shame on us .

Gaza has no light or power in the middle of terrible winter. This is a conspiracy to get rid not only from Hamas but from the people of Gaza ,these people are suffering in the worst way ever.

Do not think about the Hamas movement and its missiles which clearly are not stopped by this. Think about the elder and the children who are in the hospitals For God Sake , they are dying slowly and the whole world is just watching as usual without a comment .


What is happening in Gaza does not help Peace , it is against Peace , I will not speak about the human and moral aspects because this is world that does not give any respect to anything human or morale. The war criminals in Israel ignoring the fact that this siege will create more hate towards their country and their people jeopardizing their security. The Hamas' missiles will not stop on the contrary they will continue to be launched.

Shame on us , shame on the Fatah so-called Palestinian authority .

Curses on the IDF ,Curse on Olmert,Ehud Barack and the rest of their gang.

Curses on G.W Bush , well it is not a new thing for him , already the man gave the green card for Israel to do what ever they want in Gaza , it is nothing for him , just a name of a city on the map !!

People of Gaza I am  with you with my heart , my mind and my prayers .


Our People in Gaza

We are with you

P.S If I were Mubarak and I want to send a powerful slap to the EU and EP ,also I want to win back some public sympathy I would open immediately the borders and do not give damn for anyone , it is my God Damn borders


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  2. @N.american princess, thanks for the link ,it is good to know that there are bloggers in Gaza who still are covering the terrible situation there


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