Friday, February 29, 2008

It is not my conspiracy mind after all

I spoke about the fears of the New middle east before and I recently tickled the Egyptian regime fears from the Kosovo independence to be repeated on large

This is an article in the American monthly Magazine "Atlantic" from January 2008 edition

It is called After Iraq ,it was written by Jeffrey Goldberg

it is about mapping the new Middle East according to the American Neo conservative wishes , ladies and gentlemen ,even Kuwait will be divided in the new map , the new map will be divided according to religion.

The article is very provoking especially the first part about the Kurdish Muslim interrogator who believed that the Arabs wrote the Holy Quran and thus he could slap and curse Prophet Mohammed "PBUH" as he wanted . Do really Kurds hate Arabs to this extent or this is just an old "divide conquer" trick !!??

Anyhow I recommend to read till the end ,if you are an Arab the you will need to know how some plan our future and if you are not an Arab and An American then you must know that you are fed with lies and nonsense in your media , do not be surprised if the Arabs fear the American administration.

This part about Egypt please read it the end :

In Egypt the aging Hosni Mubarak is trying to engineer his unproven younger son, Gamal, into the presidency. It does not goldberg-bedouin seem likely, at the moment, that Gamal would succeed in the job. Egypt was once a country that could project its power into Syria; now its leaders are having trouble controlling the Sinai Peninsula, home to a couple hundred thousand Bedouin, who are Pashtun-like in their stiff-neckedness and who seem more and more unwilling to accept Cairo’s rule. America, of course, continues to embrace Mubarak, seeing no alternative except the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood. This pattern is familiar in American diplomacy; President Bush’s long embrace of Musharraf comes to mind, and there are various, bipartisan antecedents—such as, most notably, Jimmy Carter’s support for the Shah of Iran.

Impressive, is not it  ???!!!

The new mapping of the middle east will not be based on identity or nationality but on ethnics and religions , based on the sects in the same religion , I mean there will be states for Alawite sect and Druze Sect may be the rest 12 sect will have there own countries too !!!

Should not we be alarmed ?? Should not we start to act ??

The best way is to fight this plan by democracy , the real threat to all the American administrations, the middle east Arab countries must have democracy because democracy is the only way to Justice and Justice is the only way to equity and equity is the only to make all citizens whether from the majority or the minority feel loyal to the country.

In the end insh Allah all these plans will fail ,I know I am romantic , but it does not harm to have some faith that things will turn this way , will it turn to this way !!??

And you wonder why I speak now about the anniversary of the UAR !!??


  1. Yes Zeinobia , Kurds hate Arabs so much, indeed! Starting from the sixties their rebel groups established connections with Mussad elemnts. They worked against Iraq in 1973 while Sadam's armoured divions were engaged in ferocious batles to halt the Israeli march toards Damscus.

    What is Ironic about it is, that Iraqi Kurds had their cultural specifity more recognized than those in Turkey and Iran; Saddam Hussien enforced the teaching of Kurdish in all Iraqi secondary schools ( that is not done in Turkey and Iran) he also built them the "Al-sulemaniyah university where teaching was exclusively in Kurdish.

    Despite of the Fact that Iranians massacred them in the Fourties, they still considered themselves the ethnic relatives of Iranians, as they are are all of "Indo-Iranian" groups.

    That expalins why some of theIR gangs had inflitrated Iranians into Iraq in 1988 while Iraq was going through exsitentialist battles in the south against the Irnian hordes.

    You wouldn't even believe this, most of them ( I mean ordinary citizens) hate Saladin( Salah El-Din Al-Ayouby )so much as they consider hm to be a totally ARABISE KUED WHO WAS fighting walongside Arabs for Arabs.

  2. i seen that before, he said nothing new...we must all knew that

    as long as
    1/ minorities are excluded,
    2/ citizenship is not applied
    3/ state governance is corrupt

    any country with such description will remain a candidate for fragnintation, whether Neocon conspiracy or not

    the problem is inside...

  3. but i like what Geffery wrote about Jemmy, really impressive, it proves how futile & pathetic the regime looks & acts

    and the last incidence at gazza borders proves the most

    after years of camp david agreement and we still leaving Sainai to the control of Bedoin thugs & drug smugglers for the benefit of some corrupt generals in interior ministry

  4. @anonymous, as far as I know they named Salah El-Din as the capital of one their major cities
    opening universities is nothing compared to a war crime like Galabja

    @thanks Ebal

    @loudlaughter, I know it is not the first time we hear about this , but they are repeating it after Gaza and after Kosovo
    the problem is inside but outside is using it very well
    by the way sometimes there is no problem inside and the outside creates a problem inside or increase it
    just like for example the historical Alexandria clashes in the 19 century that paved the way in front of the British forces
    The clashes between the Muslims and Christians ,for God Sake do you believe that the Christians in Egypt suffer that much in order to ask for international inervention
    still again if there is democracy , if there equity no one will suffer
    about Sinia , the Bediouns most of them not thugs ,are not drug dealers , the main core of the problem in Sinai is that wrong perception and disrespect

  5. Halbaja was not a war crime it was a legitmate act of self defence.

    the bulk of the Iraqi army wa fighting in the south. The terrosits inflitrated Iranioans into Iraq. It was amtter odf survival.

    Any country facing a survival crisis would resort to all possible means. Especially that we have all seeen how bloody and barberous Iranians could be, now that they have entered Iraq.

    If the U.S, Egypt,Iran, Israel Syria or Argetina faces an in-depth incursion which poses a serious existentialistic threat to the Country's survival, they would simply resort to mass destruction.

    The Kurdish gangs got what they deserved.

  6. Interesting. When I was back in the States I read an article, with a map of how Lawrence of Arabia had cut up the Middle East. Unfortunately more harm was done at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference than most people realize, and we are all (the world) still paying for the mistakes. I say the world since Ho Chi Minh was a chef in Paris at the time and had petitioned to have Vietnamese Independence set for consideration. It was taken out of consideration, and we saw the results of that decision.

  7. Loudlaughter I am afraid that your characterisation of the problem is too general and broad. It is more like an extract from a high school cultural studies text book.

    It toally ignores the solid facts on the ground and the level of complexity not just in the Arab politcal arena, but rather, the entire world.

    Also, I can't help wondering what on earth made you invoke conspiracy theory into the issue! That is not jst presumptious, but also reveals a reductionistic simplistic reading of the historico-politcal Arab contexts.

    The Kurdish Collaboration with Mossad, the Iranian inflitrations aided by Kurdish rebels in 1988 and the Iranian sectarian gangs masscaring Arabs at the present are all, not just the products of the figments of imagination of some conspiracy theorist.In fact that is reality on the ground.

    The neo-liberal and liberal democratic text books presume humans to be disembodied spirits living a platonic realm of ideas! And thoe who invented them are the first to breach them.

  8. Vegabond Blogger.

    Both the Lawrence of Arabia, Gertwood bell and the Ottomanian empire are totally irrelvent in the issue. This an Arab land and this is the Arab world. Any schemes for the region designed by non-Arabs are fit only for use as cheap toilet papers. Or else they are to be flushed in the nearest toilet, despite of the fact that they would clog the sewer system of the entire district.

  9. @anonymous#amr "again" Halbaja was deserved !!? what kind of a person would say so , what kind of a person who claims to believe in the Arab values ,the real Arab values" of cavalry of Khalid Ibn El-Walid to accept the murder of children ,women and elder in this coward way !!!??
    It is a war crime
    just for information Salah El-Din refused to attack the assassins castle "the cult of Hassan Al Sabah" in the Crusades time when they were with the crusaders because he knew there were women and children in the castle , of course this is Salah El-Din , no coward bastard like Saddam Hussein

    @Vagabond , this old map was made to destroy the Othman Empire , the game of freedom then to occupation , I remember the 1919 , the famous Egyptian revolution our only real revolution happened because of it the Egyptians believed in it too but it turned to be a big game still we were much luckier than the Vietnamese as we took our semi independence in 1921
    if you notice all that freedom and independence talk was only to serve specific agenda the world powers at that time
    you know the Arabist and maps of Lawrence and the old maps of the Paris convention are back and studied now ,history is just repeating itself

  10. [[by the way sometimes there is no problem inside and the outside creates a problem inside or increase it
    just like for example the historical Alexandria clashes in the 19 century that paved the way in front of the British forces ]]

    Hellow, are you really living in Egypt??? :o

  11. The Bastard Anonymous:

    I have no moral problem in crushing a rebillion, even by Nerve-Gassing, Bombar-Leveling, Earth-Scorching complete communities.

    but when you do this so inefficiently like Saddam did in Halabja, you will get a destructive back-fire [Saddam never been able to Annihiliate all the Kurds]]

    so it is better to take the other approach, grant [all] people citizenship right & clear corruption

  12. Dear Loudlaughter,

    Apart of the way I read your comment which is showing off how liberal, democratic and modern you are. I think you have skipped the point in my comment. I can't tell th reason because I am sure that your reading comprehension skills are quite alright.

    Anyway, your facts are inaccurate.

    The bombing of the Kurdish gangs, as distinct from Kurdish poulation fulfiled its goals as the Iranian special forces withdrew which enabled Iraq to concentrate its forces on a series of successive counter attacks aginst Iran in the south ( planned by Egyptians).

    The attacks aimed at terminating the Ultra-nationalist Kurdish terorists not the entire population.

    Regarding the governance in Iraq, I suggest that you compare the level of autonomy granted to Iraqi Kurds to that of those in Iran, Turkey and Syria. In this regard, Iraqi Kurds were the most empowered Kurdish minority in the entire middle east.

    However, Kurds have a problems with Arabs in particular, that is why some of their factions sided with Iran.

    Regarding the the efficiency of Iraqi government, I suggest that you resort to the United nations developmental reports in 1988 and 1989, which clearly stated that Iraq ismaking quantum leaps in technological advances, women rights , secularism and health care.

    The U.N expected Iraq to reach the levels of of western Europe in a matter of 10 yeras. Zero illiteracy, the biggest middle clas in the middle east, the the most advanced technological base. Iraq needed 3 years to o Nuclear, and that would have radically shifted the balance of power in the midle east in favour of Arabs. Leaving alone, the model Iraq provided by using oil for development and industralisation, which would have had tremndous effects on global economy and internaitonal power relations.

    Moreover, what makes Iraq's experience quite unique when compared to other dvelopmental experiences like South Korea and Taiwan is its focus on refreshing and modernising the Arab cultural dimension. Iraq witnessed a rennaissance in arts, literature, poetry within an very Arab cultural framework.

    That is exactly why I hate democracy in the Arab world at the present as it is clear that masses don't have their priorities straight, mal-informed and quite parochial. A Stalinist top down ideologically charged reforms are the sole viable way to transform the "people" LOL

  13. @anonymous better Known as Amr,please be a man and do not come here again , I do not want to see you again here , be a man and do not come and comment or even read the posts of this blog

  14. anonymous, anonymous, etc: I really don't know which "anonymous" I'm replying to, since there are so many here.

    I only mentioned the Lawrence map as a passing commentary since I'm sure there were many with a variety of preferences for the European powers. I was only saying that at the time, in Paris 1919, there was a chance for these folks to address these issues. What they decided to do, (and let's not forget the Balfore-sic? agreement), was to go with what best served their interests. That's it. Don't read anymore into my post, than what was stated. A mere comment - that's all.


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