Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Serbs are destroying the American Embassy in Serbia

Oh boy forget about the American Embassy in Iran , it is Serbia , I am 79893006 watching it now in Aljazeera Live , oh boy I do know not if the Americans were quick to get out from the country and also to burn all the secret documents or not ,as the Russian camp would be very happy to put its hands on these documents.

Updates: They burned the American Flag and I think the building will 79893808be on fire soon

It is not strange that anti-riots forces and fire fighters are walking so slowly to get there , It is obvious that it is a pre-arranged riots .

I guess now most of the EU Embassies members either left Serbia or they are going to make sure that all their embassies are now under huge security measures



Watch it from the CNN,they are covering it very good


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  2. هيييه هيييه هيييه هيييه هيييه هيييه


    إنت يا هبله يا معفنه

    بطلي جري ورا عربية الرش يابت

  3. اولا لا هبلة و لا معفنة
    ثانيا فين عربية الرش !!؟؟؟


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