Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Turath Magazine

I was from the lucky people who put their hands on the experimental edition No.0 of the new Egyptian Magazine "Turath" ,"Turath" in Arabic means "Heritage", this is an English speaking magazine specialized in heritage and vintage architecture in Egypt , it tickles history also but its main focus is on these beautiful old buildings of Egypt.

I love so much the idea of using old vintage ads for present products and services ,it was used before by the way

This is a very daring idea and important ,and I bet that many people will like it but there is something wrong about how they presented this idea , first of all from the printing quality of the magazine its price will be high ,it is not being printed in the Al-Ahram usual printing house but it is printed in the new Al-Shork printing house , oh yes Al-Shork no longer prints books anymore ,it is expanding after all there is a truth many ignores about the most powerful publishing house in Egypt now that it is a member in a very powerful group called "The citadel". The high price means it will be exclusive to A Class in Egypt.

Also the language used ,using the English language is limiting its audience to those who know English very well from Egyptians and foreigners, the topics they covered many non English speakers are interested very much in , caring the Egyptian architecture heritage many people care about and many of those people are not from Class A or from the English language speakers or readers or from foreigners.

This is not a luxury field , with my all respect most of Class A live in very ugly modern villas in compounds faraway from the heart of Cairo , there are tycoons who are specialized in destroying our heritage by demolishing villas and palaces constructing ugly towers ,making the beautiful Cosmopolitan Cairo as a concrete jungle .

Of course if you are a regular visitor to my blog , you will know that I adore everything vintage ,retro and Old whether Egyptian or non Egyptian.

And currently I am in process of writing a post about the popular western old architecture styles in Zamalak ,wait for photos insh Allah "I am waiting for the weather to be good"


  1. Great Idea.
    I always thought we need more specialized magazines in Egypt!
    Nos Al Donya, though, occasionally published long in depth articles about old Egyptian architecture .

  2. @Ahmed ,it is , I do not buy Nos Al Donya frequently but I am not surprise , already Al-Ahram has a specialized magazine for interior designing called El-Beit , it is good too but not about the Egyptian architecture only


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