Wednesday, February 20, 2008

6 things you should do before 18 years

Dear friend Tala had tagged , oh boy I have not been tagged for a long time and thank God it is a funny interesting one well I only have to mention 6 thing you should have done before reaching 18 years old when you can vote in the elections

My 6 things list is :

  1. Bicycling : To ride your bicycle freely in the street in the afternoon , seriously I found out that adults in Egypt can't enjoy riding bicycles in the streets as they were young.
  2. Ice-Cream : To walk and in your hand an Ice Cream cone is very acceptable when you are young than when you are an adult , do not ask me why !!
  3. Fireworks : I know they are dangerous but in Eid they are so much fun ,only children and teenagers can play with them.
  4. Sports : Learn a specific sport because this will be with you forever as experience , learn any sport.
  5. Cartoons : Watch Cartoons as much as you can , do not be dull like the kids today they are 12 and hate to watch Cartoon.
  6. Pray : keep up praying during that time because it will help to building a connection between you and God ,seriously pray from your heart , because you need it

I forget to pass the tag ok here are my victims : Tarek , Lasto adri,Maged , Yazeed and Al-Azizi

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  1. Thanks Zeinobiaa :D i loved them

  2. @Tala, thanks dear , I am happy that you chose me ,by the way I forget to pass the tag , I will do it now

  3. thank you a lot :) the job is don

  4. more of a childish list than a teenage list, but I still like it. It would have probably worked better as a "To do before turning 13" list.

    It's still good though.


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