Sunday, February 10, 2008

We are the champions

I could not believe myself when Abu Tarika scored our first and lonely goal in the match , I just could not believe myself , I swear I found myself jumping like a little girl

We did it , they did it again the modest pharaohs , they tamed the lions of the Cameroon,they did not bring the cup but a happiness for 70 million people who are dying for few moments of joy even it is because of a false victory , they did it

May Allah Bless Abu Tarika ,Zidan , Hani Said and El-Hadari and above them Abu Ali Hassan Shahata "die with envy Shobeir"


The sounds of the horns began to be heard , I swear if I have energy I would go to the street in the car with my camera
Today Egypt will stay in happiness till dune
Hard luck for the Cameroon , they played great still people of the Cameroon forgive but we need this victory more than you , we need this joy , this happiness
Thanks for the Arabs for their support, especially for the Palestinians who supported Abu Tairka and the Egyptian team


  1. 3anjad it was a great game! You guys really earned it! W it was a win for us too, Jordanians! Mabrouuuk

  2. Great Game..I watched it here..beautiful goal!

    Alf Mabrouk Ya Misr!

  3. Mabrouk!
    Your team plays a beautiful football!

  4. @Khoulould,thanks so much dear to you Jordanians who supported us , thank you so much

    @N.American Princess, Allah yabrak feek :)

    @Seg , Allah Yabrak feek , merci :)
    yes they play a beautiful football


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