Monday, March 24, 2008

Dance Hadeiry , Shake it Hadeiry

Seriously we are people who don't learn from our mistakes ,how many times did the regime fool us and we are just watching ?? How alhadary many times did the they use the same methods to fool us and we never wake up except when it is too late ??!!

Now my conspiracy theory mind is saying to me that the last footballer crisis was a fabrication;,the El- Hadri Crisis  that made the headlines for at least two weeks , seriously all the media had nothing to speak about except the runaway goal keeper who returned back to Egypt after the interfere of the President's sons Alaa and Gamal and President Mubarak semi order for the Ahli to solve his situation peacefully , here I am not saying that the regime fabricated it with El-Hadri but they enlarged and gave to their media outlets the orders to speak about it over and over in order to divert the public attention from things that matters or to be accurate the things that were in the Oven ; Just the like crazy prices of basic food commodities : The bread and the oil where  most of the people in Egypt are busy with the El-Hadri and what he had done !! Also we should not forget the municipal elections.

It is crystal clear and it is not the first time , the policy of creating pseudo Crisis , it is from the infamous Nasserite heritage Mubarak regime has revived again. I remember in mid 1990s something similar like this happened ,the infamous footballer Reda Abd Alah problem. Reda was a footballer just like El-Hadri ,he was playing in Ahli and left it to play in another local club , something silly the people kept speaking about it for weeks.

I do not remember the main event the regime wanted to divert the public attention from but I remember the same thing happened , people suddenly understood the game so late .

Did not I tell that we are people who do not learn from their mistakes .

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