Monday, March 24, 2008

Follow Ups : The University Stuff strike "Updates and Photos"

I told that I will bring photos , well Zeinobia got friends here and there in the Universities to bring her some good photos from the heart of the event itself.

First the updates and summary about the strike :

2000 University professor and teacher are estimated to be part of the strike

It is the first to happen of its kind to happen in the Egyptian Universities.

The participation based on the University was as followed:

  • 100% in Alexandria and Suez Canal Universities
  • 75% in Cairo and Helwan
  • 50% in Al-Azhar
  • 0% in Asuit and Ain Shams

The students and professors of the Islamists and MB did not participate despite the fact that the MB professors said that they were with the strike .

The University stuff is angry from the Minister of the high education who attacked them rudely "he was so mean and rude , he forgot that in the end he is one of them , sorry was one of them

Second the photos

Here I must thank Egyptian Leftist and Egypt Sons for their photos and their help

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

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