Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Ups : The University strike and the Badr Vessel Saga

Monday, March 31, 2008

Follow Ups : The University strike and the Badr Vessel Saga

Ok there are new updates about the University Strike and the Badr Vessel Saga

First of all the University strike of last week , I got new photos for the strike from Cairo University Campus thanks to blogger Friend Mustafa Mahmoud , I showed before the photos from Helwan University Campus . By the way wait for more strikes coverage in April.

Second If you remember in February I spoke about the sudden and mysterious disappearance of an Egyptian Vessel called Badr I in the Red Sea , till now it has not found yet , it seems to me that the media just forgot ,well I have not and I just like to remind you about it

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  1. Ya Zanoubia ya Habibti,
    You mentioned in your blog on the Badr, that it was found and Ilhamdulillah, the crew is safe. Yet, now you say it is still missing. So again, why not ask the help of the Israelis. No shame at all and it is a question of humanity. I am sure they will help,

  2. Dear anonymous, I remember this because I publish it based on Al-Ahram false report ,it was not found yet , I follow the case everyday in the media
    I wrote this in this link please copy and past it in your address bar

  3. Thank you Zeinobia for your comment. However, you did not reply to my question viz why not ask the help of the Israelis or whoever can help for that matter... Isn't it a question of common sense??

  4. @anonymous and what brings the Israelis to the matter ?? this is between us and the Sudanese !!

  5. Sorry ya Sitt Zannouba, keep it between you and the Sudanese and in the meantime, continue to lament about the wherabouts of the vessel Badr and its crew. Ya haram, look at what level we have reached...When someone is in trouble, help is always welcome...


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