Saturday, March 8, 2008

They do not build anymore in Sharqia

I have just knew from resources in Twitter that they stop building houses and building in general because of the prices of Steel in the Sharqia Governorate in North Delta !! Already the price of Steel reached there to L.E 7000 !!
The Prices in Egypt especially in the construction field reached to the highest level ever thanks to the Tycoon of Steel , the close of friend of GM Chucky a.ka. Ahmed Ezz.
The contractors in Egypt are complaining because the prices of Steel affected the prices of other materials including the Cement which is already has its own crisis and problem.
The steel and cement in Egypt now are causing huge problem thanks to monopoly . People can't buy houses anymore , apartments not villas are so expensive now.
Even contractors and construction companies are complaining from this rise more than the public , because in the end they can't buy any material to build anything and even if they do build anything no body will buy it because of the prices ,it is just a closed circle.
Hisham Talaat Mustafa , the tycoon of construction who owns huge residential projects like El-Rehab and May Fair and is currently building a huge city in New Cairo called the Government to open an end to this crisis , it is the hands of the Government . Mustafa who is heading some kind of a chamber for contractors spoke to the Press about this crisis.
The Iraqis are not to be blamed this time as from couple of months , it is greed a short Tycoon whom I expect to be sacrificed lamb so soon in order to win some time in the ruling palace

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