Sunday, April 27, 2008

The El-Ghad X-Generation

The El-Ghad party was thought to be destroyed after the unfair imprisonment of its founder and leader Dr.Ayman Nour and the struggle and fight over the leadership between Nour's front and the regime's front yet I think it came out of the ashes just like phoenix  , the liberal party is not dead yet and it is operating effectively thanks to the younger Generations in the party.

The generations which joined the party after the arrest of Ayman Nour , who joined his front in the party.

To prove what I am saying I found out that many of the young people who were arrested because of the 6 April strike are member in El-Ghad party.

You also should remember both Israa Abdel Fatah and Balal Diab are members in the El-Ghad party

I just notice this and I thought I would share it with you. I think Ayman Nour is proud of his children in the party.

Anyhow Here is the clip from Mona El-Shazely's interview with Balal Diab , I share the prediction of Mona that this young man will be something in the future.

Unfortunately it is in Arabic

P.S : I am not supporter nor a member in the Ghad , this is just a remark

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