Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Easter ....but

Happy Easter to all the Eastern Christians who celebrated it through this weekend and today

Warning : The following is direct attack on the Pope Shounda III ,so if you are a devoted Egyptian Orthodox Christian , Please bear in your mind I respect your religion and Church but the following is not an attack against your religion

Still I feel so sad and angry from what the Pope Shounda said and did this Easter from praying for Mubarak to have longer life !! and warning his people from listening to those vandals over the Internet who will be sent to hell !!??

For your information there were restricted orders to the Islamic and Christian religious men from the regime to warn and make the people scare from joining the 4th of May strike. For the Muslims this is something usual ,I know from long time that the speeches of the Emam in the Mosque in our neighbourhood are approved by the security , so I do not care much for what they said , not to mention that the religious men in Islam do not have this holy status of the religious men in Christianity.

But for someone like Pope Shounda in his position comes and says these nonsense about those facebookers who will be roasted in hell , then we need a stand here .

Look this is not the first time Pope Shounda kisses the  regime's ass , we all know that he stood with Mubarak and the NDP in the elections, some Christian will come and say it is for fear of MB and I will say that the Pope is experienced enough to know  that these are nonsense.

I just want to ask the Pope something : Do you see Egypt is flourished under the NDP and Mubarak rule so you are praying for him ?? 

It is strange because Pope Shounda III was against President Sadat and till now many Egyptian Christians hate the late President where as Egypt is suffering more under Mubarak's rule than under Sadat's rule and I will dare and say that Egyptian social Peace between Muslims and Christians is in more danger in the time of Mubarak than in the Sadat with all what happened there !!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no excuse for the Pope or the for Sheikh of Al- Azhar in fact I will dare and say that they should fear the Lord not the President


  1. Zeinobia, you very stupid!!

  2. I am Greek Orthodox, and we don't follow a "pope", we have a Patriarch, who lives in Constantinopolis - (Istanbul). And, no one really listens to him. But, thanks Zeinobia for the Easter Greetings.

    Btw, I heard that this weekend was a combined national holiday and religious, but all I know is it is Sinai Liberation Day. Perhaps you can reveal the other holiday for me (I am a bit ignorant - I do have to consult a special calendar to see when Greek Easter is each year!)

  3. @anonymous,thank you

    @Vagabondblogger,you welcome,unfortunately people listen to this pope

    now about our longest weekend , you got the Christian holidays ,then on Friday it was the Sinai liberation day the Government knew it had either to make Thursday a holiday or Sunday , they made it Sunday so they can everyone happy
    then on Monday you got Sham Al Nassim ,the spring day :)
    now in the middle you got two useless work days Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday it is the labor day ,it is international holiday
    most people in Egypt took the whole week off to travel , like the most people in my work but I have to go tomorrow and after tomorrow :(
    the interesting stuff that next week there would be our 4th of May Strike

  4. Haha-seems like the whole week has been a semi-holiday. I remember in Baku they celebrated Novruz, which is the welcoming of spring, and sold little boxes of green grass sprigs as part of the celebration. Almost everyone celebrated it. Sorry this is late, so happy spring zeinobia.

    Also, many thanks.

  5. @Vagabondblogger,it is never too late :)
    by the way Nairoz or Novruz is actually taken from the Sham Al Nassim "our spring day" the Persians who invaded ancient Egypt took it from our ancestors .
    of course it changed through time , they eat sweet , we eat onion and salted fish :)

  6. You are very right Zeinobia. We dont really understand what ocassions means. They are meant to spread Hapiness


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