Monday, June 17, 2013

Cairo University’s report on Ethiopia's Great Renaissance Dam

The Cairo University professors and experts in the faculties of engineering and agriculture have formed a group called “Group of Nile Basin” {GNB} and this group prepared extremely important report about the Ethiopia’s great Renaissance Dam.
The report was published in Arabic on Facebook by Dr. Nader Noor El Din , a member of the GNB and it was republished once again by famous Kolena Khaled Said Page.
Thanks to Mr. Ashraf El Shehat  , this report has been translated to English. Without his help I do not know what I could have done.  This report represents the Egyptian objections based on science not based on politics or any other thing.

Group of Nile Basin (GNB) at Cairo University to Support Egypt


A series of external challenges have suddenly appeared on the surface forming major threats to securing the water supply to Egypt.  The sources of these threats are the new plans by the Ethiopian Government to construct four dams on the Blue Nile (Figure 1). 

However, the major threat was the sudden unilateral announcement of the Ethiopian Government to divert the course of the Blue Nile marking the actual start of construction of the Great Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD) without consultation with the downstream countries; Egypt and Sudan.  This act in the eyes of the majority of Egyptians amounts to a flagrant assault on all the basic fundamental laws and the international norms.
Figure 1- Plan of construction four new dams in Ethiopia endangers the only water supply to Egypt.
Considering the major threat to the people of Egypt, a group of professors from the Department of Irrigation and Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University formed a group titled “The Group of the Nile Basin” (GNB).  The purpose of the group is to support the effort of Government and the decision makers facing these serious escalating water threats.  The scope of GNB shall include analytical studies of the Ethiopian Dams, prepare and implement numerical water models to study the side effects of these dams and collecting all recent scientific studies in this field.

The GNB Activities

The members of the GNB include – among others - four Professors who were involved and still directly involved in the review studies of the Ethiopian Dams and assessing their effects in cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MERI) since the year 2010.  The GNB shall be also working closely with both the National and International Committees involved in studying the consequences of the construction of GERD.
On 16th April 2013, the GNB has conducted two workshops at Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University about the technical, political and legal consequences of constructing the GERD.  The attendees included numerous University Professors and Experts in different fields of specializations.  Representatives of MERI, some Political Parties, management of Engineering Syndicate in addition to numerous media channels.  The purpose of the workshops was to spread the awareness among the people and the Government bodies about the challenges and threats facing the country.
The last few days have witnessed a series of escalating and accelerating steps adding to the tensions including the unilateral decision of Ethiopia to divert the Blue Nile, and the subsequent objections of some of the Egyptian Politicians during an aired meeting with the President.  On 13th of June 2013, the Ethiopian Parliament ratified the Nile River Cooperative Framework Agreement opposed by Egypt which ends the veto granted to both Egypt and Sudan on all projects constructed by the upstream countries of the Nile Basin.

Major Comments from the Trio Committee

An international committee – called the Trio Committee – was formed based on the proposal of the Ex. Ethiopian Prime Minister M. Zenawei about two years ago to reduce the tension.  The committee concluded its work that took around a year and half and issued its report on the review of the studies presented by the Ethiopian Government.  The trio committee consisted of 10 members; 2 from each of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, and four international experts approved by the three countries.  The committee has recently concluded its review and issued its report with the following conclusions:

  1. There are no sufficient structural studies.

  2. There is a lack in the hydrological investigations.

  3. There are no environmental impact assessments on the two downstream countries; Egypt and Sudan.

In addition, the Ethiopian Government failed to submit advanced studies reflecting the details and reliability analysis to meet the minimum requirements of the international standards for similar size of dams.  Such lack in information and the weakness of the studies formed an obstacle in enabling the Trio Committee to assess the structural safety of the dam and the negative impacts on both Egypt and Sudan.

Areas of Concern to be considered by the Egyptian Government

The GNB draws the attention of the members of the Egyptian Government to the consequences of the Ethiopian Dams which constitute a series of tough social, economical and political nature that are hard to be controlled or to tolerate.  Some of these consequences are:

  1. The plan for the 4 dams on the Blue Nile aims at total control of the water in the Blue Nile which is the main supplier to the Nile.  As such, this plan shall subsequently include total control of the share of Egypt’s share of the water in the Nile and the possible redundancy or at least dwarfing the role of the High Dam in securing the future supply of water to Egypt.

  2. The current design capacity of GERD of 74 Billion cubic meter will have harsh negative impact on the share of the water reaching to Egypt and also on the production of electricity from the High Dam and the Aswan Dam during the filling period of the lake of GERD and during its operation.  This negative impact shall escalate during the drought period wherein the water supplies to both Egypt and Sudan shall conflict with the water needed to produce the electricity from the GERD.

  3. Reduction in the water share of Egypt will result in abandoning huge areas of agricultural lands and scattering millions of families.  It would also result in increasing the pollution of the water streams and creating problems in the supply of water for drinking and industry.  There will also be problems in river transportation, Nile tourism and threats to the fish farms.

  4. Collapse of GERD will result in catastrophic effects in both Sudan and Egypt.  This includes failures of dams, drowning of major towns and villages and exposing millions to the dangers of death and relocation.

Target of Negotiation: Mitigate the Damage

Basically, it should be understood that negotiation with Ethiopia has been drastically delayed.  The ideal target for the negotiation from Egypt’s point of view would be to prevent constructing the dam.  However, this is no longer a valid option considering the current circumstances.  Ethiopia has managed to place the dam as a fact and no longer a theory.  As such, the purpose of the negotiation at this stage would be aiming at mitigating the damages.  
Considering the above, the following are the suggestions:

  1. Request stopping the construction at once until completing the negotiation and assess the effects through scientific means and agree on them.  We need to highlight here that there are other alternatives that can be studied to fulfill similar advantages to Ethiopia without causing major damages to the downstream countries.

  2. The minimum requirement for the Egyptian Government should be the maximum size of the Dam not to exceed 14 billion cubic meter as per the proposal prior to the January 2011 Revolution.  This capacity would enable producing 60% of the proposed electricity from GERD and with efficiency exceeding double the efficiency of the huge GERD and with much less cost and much less negative impacts that can be lived with.  In addition, the proposed design of 14 cubic meters would fulfill most of the advantages of Sudan from GERD and as such, unifies the points of views of both Egypt and Sudan.

  3. Ethiopia to commit officially not to use the water behind the GERD for the agricultural purposes as previously announced.

  4. Ethiopia to commit for the advance notice for any future projects including their executing procedure in light of the Framework Agreement of the United Nations of 1977 for the common rivers.

  5. The design of the GERD to be reviewed thoroughly by Egyptian Experts after amending the technical dimensions to ensure its structural safety.

The GNB further urges all non-specialized personnel to avoid getting into issuing irresponsible statements that justify the illusionary benefits of the GERD, issuing statements with no real value, or statements that may underestimate the serious side effects using unfounded methods.  All the positive and negative impacts are actually a result of intensive, thorough and specialized engineering investigations.  Some of these investigations have been carried out be the members of GNB and some are still being conducted.  The results at this stage agree broadly with the international studies and to some extent with the Ethiopian studies presented to the International Trio Committee, even though the latter are incomplete.
Main Focus: Downsizing
We would like to warn the Government not to limit the scope of negotiation to secondary issues and ignore the major problem; the size of the dam.  The people in Egypt should be aware that focusing the negotiation on the number of years to fill the lake of the dam or the operation policy of the dam including participating with the operation of the dam are of no prime importance.  The major threat is the result of the magnified size of the dam.  Without reducing the dimensions of the dam itself, the major negative impacts as indicated above are unavoidable.
It is not a secret that throughout the history, Egypt has never been an obstacle preventing the development in the African Nations in general and the countries of the Nile Basin in particular.  Egypt has always been supporting the projects of common benefits to the people of the Nile Basin including building Owen Dam for the benefit of both Uganda and Kenya, has shown no objection for building Tecjizy Dam and Tana Plus Tunnel in Ethiopia, and also has not objected the building of Marwe Dam or increasing the height of Roserus Dam in Sudan.  All of these projects and others help to improve the revenue of the brothers and sisters of the African Nations.  Egypt has always maintained and is willing to keep the Nile as a uniting force for the people of the nations and not a source of disperse or dispute.  Egypt is willing to maintain the Nile basin to remain an oasis for peace  and not a battlefield.

Members of the GNB

  1. Mohamed N. E. Allam – Ex. Minister of Water Resources & Irrigation

  2. Mohamed S Bazarah – Prof. of Irrigation and Drainage

  3. Alaa Al-Zawahry – Prof. of Hydraulic and expert of dams and member of the National Committee of GERD.

  4. Mohamed S. El-Manadily – Prof. of Hydraulics – Chairman of Department of Irrigation and Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

  5. Nader Nour Eddin – Prof. of Water Supplies and Lands, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University

  6. Ahmad E. Hasan – Prof. of Hydrology, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

  7. Khaled H Hamid, Prof. of Wter Supplies, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University – Member of the Trio Committee

  8. Ashraf M Ghanim, Prof. of Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

  9. Mostafa A Gheith, Pro.f of Irrigation & Drainage, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

  10. Mohamed H Algamal, Prof. of Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

  11. Hesham B Mohamed, Prof. of Water Supplies, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.  Member of the National Committee to study GERD.

  12. Mohame E Abol Hagag, Prof. of Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.


  1. Why? The design of the GERD to be reviewed thoroughly by Egyptian Experts after amending the technical dimensions to ensure its structural safety. Egyptian experts where included in trio committee and the concluded that based on their year long study the dam will not harm any country!!.

    Generally, the recommendations and suggestions are politically affiliated it does not show any numerical or empirical evidence....they did not conduct any research so far but how they come to such harsh conclusion.

    why should the dam collapse, why not the other dams constructed in the Nile basin?

    Why don't be rational thinker,why do you consider as professional only Egyptians? what about 85% Ethiopians living under life darkness,poverty, famine, drought? what about their deep rooted poverty?.I think , now Ethiopians are fighting to change the life of their 80 million population that is appreciable.

    It is their big natural resource, they have natural right to use their water for irrigation. As it is officially declared in media and as I heard from the journalists, Ethiopians does not any further objection or intention to use the water for other purposes like irrigation. And they seems they will never treat the life of Egyptians demand and danger their economy.

    For me the best why to go for negotiations, discussion conducting further study, improve the water use efficiency in all the basin countries,use of high technology to increase water productivity.

    Peace for the World

  2. They might as well ask for the power to hire and fire Ethiopian prim minister. Better yet why not demand that Ethiopia be a colony of Egypt that solves the problem once for all.

    1. Hahahaha, you are so funny.

    2. That might help or improve the idea of the writer (this post) but you know the Ethiopians even don't know the meaning of Colonization, let alone by a desert nation called Egypt!

    3. Funny Arab!!!we dont have a history of clony man!!go to UK ask for the colony then to get ur old nile treaty help u again or if u need a good fuck go to isreal for 10 days and u feel good!!LOL

    4. They are funny, they want to control (colonize) Ethiopia.
      Stupid and idiot "professors. They donnot know what they are talking.

    5. hooo i really sorry i don't understand how u Egyptians see Ethiopia, and how it look like to be engaged in war with a country like Ethiopia,you guys are deceived by your irresponsible leaders, come on try to think logically and wisely,don't forget that u are poor people and totally depend on a river for survival.the fact is very far form what you think.

    6. Vision: Every creature in Egypt will die of drought and hunger while Ethiopia is going to construct 10 GERD though out the country there by circulating z river Nile on z door of every Ethiopian. Z problem is u don't know history and colonization. We Ethiopians do not know any colonization and being ruled by any body except z almighty God. And we all know zat Egypt is an unstable country and will vanish with civil war no need to shoot missile. Period! Don't mention any colonization u poor mind!

    7. Calm down people, civilized discussion solves the problem; therefore, our FM and the Egyptian FM have started dialogue. Lets give peace a chance. Also remeber that non Egyptians and non Ethiopians are pretending to be and writing dirty comments to fuel the anger and bickering. We have to watch out. The water is enough. Like the deceased prime minister said, only god can sfop the Nile from flowing to Egypt. Let Ethiopia feed it's people.
      Egyptians need to trust. The only way to know if you can trust some one to trust them. The waf thing can come after that. When you have not lost anything talk of war is kind of awkward. Peace

    8. For sure, if they colonize Ethiopia, the recommendation of this group will be turned upside down: to construct all the dams in the Blue Nile valley ASAP to maximize the benefit of the water. And, they will make AHD empty to get additional 10 BMC.

    9. TRY AND SEE!!!!!

  3. biased and selfish report!!

  4. Let you think first about Pan-Africanism, instead of such colonial era thinking.

  5. I haven't seen anything that is either scientific or different views than your war mongering politicians are saying.

  6. Zeinobia: Nice blog. I think like you most Ethiopians and Egyptians live in the present with the glories of the past (maybe too much). However, most don't appreciate the "better future", these days, depends on economic cooperation and collaboration on many fronts with your neighbors. It was in this vein, Ethiopia and the other Nile basin countries waited for 10 years before finalizing the agreement while Egypt did everything under the sun to derail the agreement. It was in this vein, that Meles Zenawi recommended the establishment of the 10 person expert panel (2 each from Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt)to study the effects of the dam (imagine Egypt having done that when the Aswan was built. It was also in this vein, Meles postponed by a year the ratification of the agreement, to give the new leaders of Egypt time to study the cooperation framework and hopefully support it. Unfortunately, some Egyptians want to live in the past and not the present and lack any vision about what in the end is best for Egypt. So... your lead in about Ethiopia unilaterally going down this path is inflammatory and not based on the facts. Ethiopia and the other Nile basin countries tolerated Egyptian intransigence but kept extending a brotherly hand, since they know, in the end it will be for the mutual benefit of all concerned to cooperate.(By the way, as far as the published reports regarding the results/recommendation of the expert panel- there is no mention of the 3 items you mentioned above. Think about it. If that was true, Morsi would have been publishing the whole report. The conclusion is that there is no significant impact on Egypt and Sudan).

    With brotherly Love
    an Ethiopian.

    1. let them rant day and night... at the end they wont go to war.. and they wont loose water. but if they go to war.. they loose water they loose war, they loose their ego once in for all. just like they did when they went to war with Israel and Israel kick their asses with 3 years after being a state..
      so Egypt pls do not go a war with someone who knows the war.. it is on Ethiopian blood.. try to work together for the benefit of all, specially you for you have all to loose and nothing to gain

    2. Have the so called Egyptian experts considered the demolition of the Aswan Dam that is causing so much water loss due to evaporation as a result of the large surface area exposed to the desert sun.

    3. There is no evaporation from aswan dam. Source: Egyptian experts.

    4. aswan dam do not have side effect including evaporation. source: egyptian "experts". lolz

    5. ...Also, embarrassed by the idiotic/chauvinistic comments by some of my Ethiopian brethren in this blog. They are the fringe as are the Egyptians with the same sentiment.

      Again...with brotherly love
      An Ethiopian

  7. I have read the article but what Egypt needs to be concerned on is the attitude of its politicians and the statements that are released on media. Presently in Ethiopia, Egypt has lost the last sentiment of the Ethiopian people. After hearing its politicians having a live panel and brainstorming on ways of destabilizing Ethiopia through its insignificant enemies, is a diplomatic crisis for Egypt and its relations with Ethiopia.

  8. Abdal Gamal Nassar6/17/2013 06:00:00 PM

    "It is not a secret that throughout the history, Egypt has never been an obstacle preventing the development in the African Nations in general and the countries of the Nile Basin in particular."

    I would suggest you go back and read history, in fact its no secret this days that Egypt has hindered at least Ethiopia's growth. I wont go in to detail here I leave that for you to research. If you are open minded and seeking the truth you find out for your self. Egypt only has one option and that is cooperation.

    1. Nasser appears to have begun his effort to undermine and to destabilize Ethiopia. Egypt has never publicly admitted that one of its foreign policy objectives continues to be the destabilization of Ethiopia. To do so, would be a violation of international law. To be sure, the Egyptian authorities would classify any evidence to this effect. However, there is ample documentation,
      which clearly demonstrates that the question of the use of the Blue Nile
      waters has been an overriding concern of Egyptian gove r n m e n t s .
      Radio Cairo broadcasts started to remind Ethiopian Muslims where their
      “primary loyalties” lay. Providing scholarships to Muslim Eritreans at Al-Azhar
      University followed suit, and soon, Cairo became the center for the Eritrean
      Student Union in the Middle East. In 1958, a small military training camp for
      Eritreans opened near Alexandria, where some of the future military commanders
      re c e i ved their initial training. Idris Mohammed Adem, the former
      President of the Eritrean Parliament, Ibrahim Sultan, Secretary General of the
      Islamic League, and Wolde Ab Wolde Mariam, President of the Eritrean Labour
      Unions, and others, were encouraged to go to Egypt. Wolde Ab was given a special radio programme and began to broadcast to Eritrea from Radio Cairo. He
      sought to undermine Haile Selassie’s Government and urged Eritreans to take
      up arms and to struggle for their independence."

  9. u know what, you are selfish. we provided you with the scientific proofs but you are not satisfied. and you assume you are the only scientist who can prove. do not think like this, stop it !!!!! stop u know us who we are. Ethiopia will never give up for any human being on Earth. what was surprising is that if you would have said it is not harmful for Egypt

  10. one thing that I understood about egyptians is that they like to give orders to people. well my guess is since they where under britain colony, they know how to accept orders from the colonial masters. ones they liberated themselves, they retained their colonizers ordering habit and they want to apply it now. but u should know that we r ethiopians and we give no shit to ur orders.

  11. where is the scientific study? You assessment is simply political. Shameful professors. The findings of the 10 experts is quite different than what you reported. You are simply confusing your people. Anyways, you are simply barking like a dog and we are moving forward. You better change your mind set otherwise it will bite you for generations to come.

    1. We Ethiopian are well ready from any Egyptians reaction. We are telling them that “Our Dam” never hurt them. If they are going in the wrong direction, we have a right of to change the direction of their river to opposite. If you don’t care about our peoples, we are not care about your 150 million stupid. You Stupid Egyptians try to think 1,000,000 times before in action. Our Dam is the dream of our father’s and will change of our life too. Don’t be selfish. We need to tell them our fathers never been in under colonization like them and we don’t know and accept their Stupid Treaty. Don’t forget we are not alone. Ethiopians will give all our support to our government because of our dam.
      It is not like demonstration for Mubaker at tarir square but it is the real war. Do you remember the “The 6hr was”. You can read our war history too. We can teach you. DON’T TRY IT. The result will be awful. Our dam is our life too and dream of our fathers.
      We are ashamed on your stupid Cairo university engineers.

  12. thanks for your latest info. What ever they said, we never give up.

  13. attach ur scientific assessment report

  14. I appreciate your concluding remarks. It is clear that Both Egypt and Ethiopia prefer win- win approach of negotiation for the betterment of Africa's regional cooperation in infrastructure, energy and market. I believe the cooperation is the optimal choice for African Nations to swim together in existing global political economy(globalization) rather than sink together.
    My doubt in your report is your source of empirical evidence for the analysis you made have about future consequences of the Dam. You are criticizing the committee as it lack in information. What about yours? I recommend that Egyptian must believe their brothers Ethiopians, Ethiopians too. Consider the project, as A MEGA project which its various structural, EIA, SIA studies have been undertaken for more than 30 years. Expect No impact, rather it benefit both the down stream countries!

  15. Egypt was a colony of the French and The British Empire. The Nile Treaty was created by one of their colonial masters the British. Ethiopia has never been a colony and doesn’t recognize treaties signed by colonial powers. We do not understand why Egyptians try to revive Treaties signed by their colonial master Great Britain. We read about collapsing building in Cairo every two months, but you will never read about collapsing buildings in Addis Abeba . So don’t even try to question the structural quality of our Grand Renaissance Dam!
    Stop being a nation with a colonial inferior complex! Think and act matured like we Ethiopians.

  16. Former us ambassador to Ethiopia

  17. if they have guts why they do not go to war for their water... we all know how many war the arab world won a war specially Egyptian ... LOL,

  18. Is this a bunch of illitrate or professor ? Shame on you ! We are well aware that
    Egypt is #1 enemy to Ethiopia.


  20. The more I read Egypttian newspaper, the more I understand how this ancient country is totally without any single rational person. Egypt is now full of ignorants who are still in the 18th century mentality. The socalled report from the so-called professors from Cairo university is full of rubish that doesn't worth of the ink used to write this useless report. Anyway, the camel will continue its journey while the dog barks after the camel.

    1. God bless dear. They need to be told the truth and only the truth.

    2. and Ethiopia is full of Nobel prize laureate scientist LOL funny
      Come on we (Egyptians and Ethiopians) are not enemies, we -citizens- need to wake up and not to fall into this political trap.. we have so many common things to built on




  22. "Ethiopia to commit officially not to use the water behind the GERD for the agricultural purposes as previously announced"

    "The design of the GERD to be reviewed thoroughly by Egyptian Experts after amending the technical dimensions to ensure its structural safety"

    "The minimum requirement for the Egyptian Government should be the maximum size of the Dam not to exceed 14 billion cubic meter as per the proposal prior to the January 2011 Revolution."

    Lol the so called "professors" are really amazing, guys you don't need to be professor to just repeat what your narrow minded politicians said. We have the right to use our fair share from Abay river and its non sense that you are trying to deny this right of an upper stream country which account for above 80% of the total water flow. "profs" pls go and c doctor.

  23. the fact is that Egypt has been hindering the development of Ethiopia so that the latter can not have the resource to build dams. When millions of Ethiopians were starved, that was the pleasant scene to the Egyptians because that reminded that those people were so poor that can not even feed themselves. Lots of weapons of Egyptian origins were confiscated during the recent battle with Eritrea. therefore Egypt was not a friend. It was an enemy.

    So, It is time for payback. Ethiopians will build the dams and if Egypt wishes to fight, then they have to know that Ethiopians have the military capability that can put a blow to the Aswan Dam.

    It is time for Egypt to pay for the crimes it has committed on the Ethiopians from time immemorial.

    1. Well said. We need to tell them the truth.

  24. @ Abdal Gamal Nassar
    I couldn't believe my self when I read the assertion of so called experts report that said "Egypt has never been an obstacle preventing the development in the African Nations in general and the countries of the Nile Basin in particular" this is a pure lie to the upper Nile nations and to Ethiopia in particular. Thank you for your objection to this lie and spoke out to expose them.
    Let not forget that millions of Ethiopians lost their lives and millions scattered all over the world as the result of Egypt's interference in Ethiopian internal politics for a centuries. They managed to land locked Ethiopia and persued international financial lenders not to help Ethiopia's economy and made Ethiopia synonymous with hunger and poverty. This report is an insult to Ethiopians and an extension of centuries old obstacle to keep Ethiopia poor.
    It is not a secret that Egypt doesn't want Ethiopia to be a strong nation.
    With or with out Egypt's cooperation Ethiopians are determined to build their country.

    1. zerihun
      Hey Egyptian brothers and sisters ! let me tell you one fascinating story of recent time. It was last year when Arab spring escalated and occurred in Yemen. The government military leaders were ordered to kill peaceful protesters at square. Then these Yemeni protesters were not frightened and halted their protest than they took amazing action. When armed soldiers became ready to kill innocent protesters and carried armaments, the protesters on the other side carried 'rose flower' which is given to a beautiful lady that you love. It's just like responding bad thing with making good. So what would the soldiers do? would they kill the people giving them love? It's inhuman. so the soldiers stopped taking forceful actions and some even joined the protesters.
      coming to the current Ethio - Egyptian nile hydro pilitics, Egyptians are trying to take military attack while Ethiopians are trying to show them the right track of cooperation and mutual benefit. so who would be the winner relative to the above Yemeni soldiers vs innocent protesters on the case of Egyptians and Ethiopians. THIS MEANS WHO WINS FROM GOD & EVIL OR LOVE & HATE??????????

  25. "Historically it is recorded that Egypt under Ismail Khedive Pasha invaded northern Ethiopia and tried to control the Blue Nile from it's source as a colonial territory in 1874 and 1876 at GUNDA GUNDI AND GURA respectively. This invasions resulted in total military reversals of Egyptians force by Emperor Yohhanes iv of Ethiopia." since her humiliation Egypt never sleep to destabilise and hindered Ethiopian progress to be self efficient and managed to curved Ethiopia as the largest land locked country in the world with 90 million people with out access to the sea, this was done with direct interference of Egypt to weaken Ethiopia. With all conspiracy against the interest of Ethiopia and meddling of Egypt in internal political affairs Ethiopians were suffered a lot, millions lost their lives and millions scattered allover the world. Despite all this hurdle Ethiopia is able survive and determined to work and look for her own interest more than any other time, with or without Egypt's blessing Ethiopia is on the way to tackle poverty once and for all.
    It is an insult to upper Nile countries and to Ethiopia in particular when this report concluded that Egypt has never been an obstacle to the development of Africans, it is a nonsense and pure lie to preserve the centuries old attacks of Egyptians rulers, I like to thank Abdal Gamal Nassar in his comments to refuse to this report and spoke out.
    It is a fact that Egypt doesn't want Ethiopia to be a strong nation and it is an undeniable truth that Ethiopia is stronger than ever before.

  26. Egypt is not negotiating in good faith. The real issue with these dams is Ethiopia will be in control of the water. That is Ethiopia will be in a position to turn the tap on or off. Egypt does not want to be in a position where Ethiopia controls such a vital resource. Given Egypt's contempt to Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular, it is hard for them to accept that a country that they despise is in control of the Nile.

    There is a saying for those who do not want to believe no evidence is enough. Egypt does not want to accept the fact that these dams are not going to affect them thus they keep asking for more studies more clarifications, discover errors in the report. A barrage of requests for studies clarifications etc. All this is to delay and finally stop the construction of the dam. They held up the CFA for 10 years before the other Nile basin countries said enough is enough and went ahead without them.

    Ethiopia should not take these requests seriously since these are delaying tactics aimed at stopping the construction of the dam. Egypt it is geography. It is not practical to stop or reduce the water flow to Egypt and that won't happen. Any sane person knows that stopping the water flow is backing Egypt into a corner and that is bad for Ethiopia. Egypt also needs to understand that it can not go to war just because we want to build dams that won't affect you. Like someone said earlier Egypt does not seem to be endowed with farsighted elite. All we hear from them is racist talk, empty bravado, threats and insults. Egypt needs to know it is not a super power and can not impose its will on Ethiopia. We Ethiopians are not afraid of Egypt. Ethiopia's willingness to negotiate should not be taken for fear. So get your act together and act rational. so far your arrogance have taken the best of you

  27. Dear All,
    Hahaha.... I'm sure this is prepared by naive peoples(Man),just imagine how weak mind is thinking and try to act as influential,!!!...for sure, no the earth could think and out speech like this disgusting words and poor ideas. NO Prof. enjoys a peoples suffer,rush to injustice, lie and talking on bla bla,Eventually, there are a (very)few, but i Didn't mean these who are in the lists because this is just naming of the Prof. by naive man not the true idea of the prof's. So far, when i come back to the point of discussion,There is nothing new in the report,poor Analysis.I can't imagine any point from the article....I think, Ethiopia,(international community) learn this lesson so many time, so far, every one knows this outdated trajectory from the pre-Ancestors of Egypt,it doesn't need make sense to make jocks while Nile is not relevant issue for jocks! It is quite indicates what the Egyptians mind looks," the Egypt president discussion with Political parties is broadcasting A live by mistake" cool! himmmm! poor psychology...don't worry too,Ethiopia is walking fast a significant miles on your dream,just dream Again and again.No Ethiopian has never a Slave mind,but the very sad thing is an Egyptian still think by the slave mind of their Master is whirred.How can a mind of a man in Egypt is not growing while the world is dynamically boosting. Mr.naive,please you want to keep the treaty of your master Brtish and USA bla bla...? it is true,they are Masters of Egyptians but never For Ethiopians,Could you imagine please the water is flow from the heart of Pan-African,Not from London and New york. Mr Naive,You want to recommend the Dam Quality(!! this is not Quran " please put the Quran mind in your trash basket and through to Sinai desert...Desert Mind"),No Ethiopian wouldn't like to criticize the Aswan Dam Quality...bla...please stay-away from the internal Affairs of Ethiopia..please try to learn a few about right.
    Finally,Mr.naive,Could you consult your prof. to come out with another options for your water(life),if you believe you have brilliant Prof. just talk them to ask consultant of Israel how can they Harvest water for you from Red sea,rather than spent their time in writing trashes in Blue Nile. believe or not,Nile is For Pan-Africans! Africa is for all Africans not for sale of the slave-mind of British!...There is no comprise to sale Africa,no tolerate!

    good luck with your jocks!!!


  28. both of them not use this issue to stop opposition from their ppl. i hope all can use this resource & must

  29. I don't want to west my time on commenting the so called " Scientific report" rather I would like to say it is an insalt to science if we call it Scientific. Pay attention for a second our Egyptian Neighbors. Do you know why Ethiopia didn't build this dam 30 or 20 years ago? Because our Government was expecting the money for construction of the dam will be released from western countries. But thanks for your (Egyptians) hard work to block any source of donation or loan, all the streams were dry. I like to say well done. Because this leads Ethiopians to bult the dam by our selfs. Its implication is so many, we are not going to ask for a financial aid to built Nile-2, 3,4..... I know why Egyptians are so curious about this dam even though they know that it will not bring them any negative effect, because this will be the end of the colonial treaty. The biter fact is there will be plenty of dams on upper Nile in the near future. Because the upper Nile countries also want electricity, they want to develop their nations like Egypt. There is still one door for Egypt to use Nile wisely signing THE NILE INITIATIVE 2010 agreement. Other wise Egyptian Nile will be History. Fact......!

    1. Appreciate it. Lets keep on telling them the truth.

  30. Ethiopian history is since 1870 of oromian colonisation.
    Stop debtraa history! Fack nation put together by British

  31. Where did they got their degree? Are they real professors or cartoon characters?

  32. I am an Ethiopian!

    1) Egypt!-the output report to delay the dam is just Bools-hit...No need of your expertise needed , we've already done the design phase and we'r on reality

    2)Egypt!-Know that it is a temporarily decreasing of water from Nile until fills the reservoir , then business will go as usual so do your preparation

    3)Ethiopia is all about survival for many of are without electricity

    4) Egypt so please face off your your political agenda..we'r not to hurt you, but all about survivals

    5)Egypt! from 74 billion m^3 to 14 billion m^3? huh..ridiculous

    6)Egypt! For your information all non-specialized personnel and specialized personnel in the world will be involved to use our bestowed Nile

    7) Sudan, Yemen, SoudArabia...all are waiting for this power

    8) Egypt! We will never stop or delay this project as we didn't advise you to built

    9) Egypt! Peace be with you and all , and please shut those ppl in your parliament

    10) Again no way to DELAY but Ethiopia is all considerable as not Morris claims not to accept a drop of water reduction


  33. “The reason we chose to build the largest dam in Africa is to show to the Egyptians that if we are successful with this grand dam, nothing will stop us from building many other smaller dams over the Nile”. The dead Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles, in a speech to the Ethiopian parliament.
    This quote from the deceased Ethiopian dictator’s speech is a clear indication of Ethiopia’s sinister long term plan to build more dams on the Blue Nile. There are already three more dams planned to be built over the Nile. He scornfully referred to Egypt’s incessant opposition to any dam and said that Ethiopia cognizant of this fact, rather decided to challenge Egypt’s stance by inaugurating the largest dam in Africa. Ethiopia has a hydroelectric power capacity of 45,000 MW and that means it could have used its other several rivers instead of focusing on the Nile that they knew pretty well will reduce the quantity and quality of water reaching Egypt. I share Egypt’s concern and anger. This dam should be stopped before it is too late.

    1. What if the river get null b/c of climate Change! so many rivers and streams were dried in Ethiopia b/c of drought, What would be the Choice of Egyptian politicians!!!!!

  34. Phony "Professors"!!! Funny and idiotic "scientific & legal"analysis. Are they really PROFESSORS at UNIVERSITY????
    They work is not professional, biased, not scientific. Even they lied about the trio committee analysis.
    They should know:
    1=Ethiopia's right.
    2=Egypt's right. It is funny that they suggested Egypt has to manage, analyze and control the design & the construction of the DAM. Ethiopia has never been colonized by any one; leave alone now. Very stupid and Idiot "professors".
    3=If they have presented genuine article, we, including the world, would have given them a credit for what they suggested.
    4= Their work is very very elementary and very, very biased. We donot expect such stupid presentation from "professors"
    5=I will recommend them to write scientific and legal based analysis and discuss on that base.
    6=Know your wish and reality on the ground.
    7=In the mean time we will keep our job, you keep talking rubbish talks.
    8=It is an insult for Egyptians to have such stupid analysis from so called professors and experts.

  35. Compare the these two contradictions:
    "it is not a secret that throughout the history, Egypt has never been an obstacle preventing the development in the African Nations in general and the countries of the Nile Basin in particular. Egypt has always been supporting the projects of common benefits to the people of the Nile Basin..." excerpts taken from Egypt's so called professors and experts.
    “The policies pursued by Egypt on this didn’t help the confidence of the upper riparian countries towards this issue. There is a strong conviction in Ethiopia, which has been well-founded, that efforts have been made to prevent Ethiopia from accessing support for the purpose of obtaining the necessary financial support for hydro-electric projects, even where these projects would pose no harm whatsoever to Egypt.” Excerpt taken from Daily News Egypt,the only Egypt's independent newspaper.

  36. It will be very difficult for me to accept the above sited piece as a professional and expertise is full of vague analysis and suggestions .it did not even put the persuasive reasons for its conclusions.
    i doubt the study team "GNB" for its impartiality for the folowing reasons. when it mentioned the so called treats for the Egyptians, and further concluded that the GERD is full of disadvantage, the report passed with out even mentioning one advantage that can be gained out of the dam .This holds the report of the professionals to be doubtful.
    in addition to the above mentioned points,the report of "GNB",while mentioning (siting)the report of the TRIO, it intentionally or out of knowledge distorts the fundamental facts that the TRIO committee revealed.since it is some thing that can be seen easily , the GNB should not be this much obsessed to deny the real facts on the mention some of the points that are presented by the TRIO committee,first the GRED is of paramount importance both for Ethiopia and the lower riparian countries.second the building of the dam fulfill all the international known, how can "GND" ignore these important points of the TRIO report.
    And even i doubt the fact that "GNB" have accessed the report of the TRIO because, although there are claimed leaked information from the report of TRIO, we heard from various media outlets of Egypt that the report of the TRIO is held in secret and it is still in that status .
    generally speaking, the report lacks clarity and professional impartiality and it seems like it is prepared by politicians rather than skilled professionals.i am sorry for you
    in addition, the report also include matters which are out of its professional reach.for example in its introductory part ,it said that the action of the government of Ethiopia is in clear violation of the existing Internationale law .but, analyzing the violation and non violation of international law should be something to be left for legal professionals.

  37. My advice to Egyptian brothers is that when you plot to harm others don't expect your supposed enemy will stay back and watch you whatever you want to do. So think twice before acting hostile action against Ethiopia, because it is easy for Ethiopians to retaliate in a very harms way against you since the 85% of Nile water is originates from highlands of Ethiopia and water flows downward and it is easy to spoil the Nile water. Ethiopian don't even need to fly any fighter jet against you. So think smartly in a cooperative way and you can make Ethiopians friendly and you can have Nile water peacefully. Stop your arrogant stubborn attitude if you want to live forever with peace and harmony by utilizing the Nile water. Unless the consequences are disastrous if you keep piloting harming Ethiopia. Time is changed.

  38. Would better these bunch of professors to work on other means of national Economic development as alternatives like other countries do with no a drop of water even oil but they rich enough.

    We Ethiopians are generous enough ,don't allow us to make a total block of these mineral soil and water, take care you will be hearted as an empty bag will not stand upright !

    You guys have epenthetic nature.

    Am proud of being Ethiopian!

  39. It always amazed limited thinking power of Egypt politician and scholars. Totally they forget the current time and loved to dream the old time. Wake up. Think globally and act locally.

  40. I advice Egyptian brothers to negotiate before any official statement, every statement they make will cost them in the future. I hope they will refer the History than current fragile situation.

  41. Go and ask England to give you the agreed water or go to Ethiopia and work out your difference and get the water.

  42. more than ten years the Ethiopia government has called for cooperation with other Nile basin countries. Egyptian were ignore these calls, now some action made by Egyptian seems to be let. for example stopping the construction of the dam for anther study.I dont think $5 bl project is implemented without proper study. the only means sustain your interest is cooperation. your politician push you wrong path, just let them stop.

  43. Egypt had been doing everything it could (still they are doing) to prevent Ethiopia from developing anything on the Blue Nile. That time is now over. The Ethiopians develop a capcity to develop the mega dam project by their own sources and the so called Egytian "expert group" is singing the war song like thier imbecile politicians. I quote their last statemnt ".... Egypt is willing to maintain the Nile basin to remain an oasis for peace and not a battlefield". I guess everybody knows, it is the Ethiopians to whom they are talking ..... the country of courage and bravery..... the land of sacrifce and diginity..... the pride of black race.

  44. "Ethiopia to commit officially not to use the water behind the GERD for the agricultural purposes as previously announced."

    Hot air!!

  45. ethiopia continue constructing the dam and her other infrastructure development.ignore egyptians!!!

  46. Rubish.................ridiculous ..............this is a proposal from fool fathers at universities with their fool kids..............bye bye...........everything will go according to the written plan! Adios!

  47. Ethiopia contribute 86% of the Nile water and Egypt contribute 0.00%. And yet, Egypt doesn't want Ethiopia to use a drop of water. What a sick idea.

  48. If Egyptians are interested to re-conduct structural studies and hydro-logical investigations of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, first let allow Ethiopian experts to visit the Aswan Dam for its structural and hydro-logical settings for experience sharing.

  49. “Professors” really! Are you? I don’t think that Cairo University gathers such garbage “Expertise”. If so, make the university to be a KG.

  50. Now it is time for all Ethiopians to get united irrespective of our different political opinions. This the right time our historical nation, Ethiopia, demands our unity and strength. My advice to Egyptians is to work closely with Ethiopians and make it win win in what ever the case is. What ever you plan something negative for Ethiopia or destabilizing through supporting opposition figures or any other means, I asure you all can't work. This is b/s in such cases we are one. If you have underestimated Ethiopians that is for sure wrong conclusion

  51. who care about the dead fish!!! 'Ethiopian stretch their hands to God' not you foolish if you come you will get the penality.rather you need to beg us it is our gift all sources from our beloved Ethiopia.Dont you know we pay for our ships to pass through your dam aswan.but we did not as any peny for the life ,water,you are depending.Selfish politicians.

  52. • In terms of group objective is to continue the old way of water colonial water hegemony composed only Egyptian Eliot water hegemony think tank.
    • Their objective based on biased perception of GRD as a treat to Egypt and its people.
    • The customary of absent of prior notice is started with Egypt and Sudan the build massive project without the prior notice and agreement to the upper riparian countries so Ethiopia dose not obliged to notice to other countries
    • The trio committee quoted out of context IT also stated- .
    • Your claim “The plan for the 4 dams on the Blue Nile aims at total control of the water in the Blue Nile which is the main supplier to the Nile. As such, this plan shall subsequently include total control of the share of Egypt’s share of the water” based on empty
    • Your prediction on the on the impact of possible reduction of contradicts your previous claim without the study of environmental impact assessment on both countries how do you came with the list of harsh negative impact-.this claim sole based only empty un scientific assumption.
    • “Ethiopia has managed to place the dam as a fact and no longer a theory” is the best understanding of our determination to use the shared common resource .
    Comment on your suggestions:
    • Your suggestion to stop the construction of the dam is not acceptable and you are you do not mention any suggestion other means.
    • Your suggestion 14billion cubic 60% instead of 100% not scientific also we do not need any expert from Egypt since our country capacity enhanced by the support of Italy and china.
    • We do not have any obligation in the future since the trend of lower riparian countries not gives any prior notice to their mega project in the past. Similarly both Egypt and Ethiopia did not sign and ratify this convention framework agreement this conventions does not obliged both countries.
    • “It is not a secret that throughout the history, Egypt has never been an obstacle preventing the development in the African Nations in general and the countries of the Nile Basin in particular.”
    This is a false claim of Egypt role in the river.
    o Egypt is monopolies the Nile river with Sudan with colonial agreement
    o Also signed anther agreement with only Sudan by neglecting upper riparian countries
    o Also negatively influence international finial organs to stop any attempt to any development on the river.
    o Treating any attempt by scaring by military resort
    o Also did not accept and cooperation based on mutual benefit.
    This is the last intellectual endeavor of to extend of Egypt water hegemony on the expense of other riparian states. The only solution is accept equitable reasonable use of common water without significant harm of the other countries that suggested by article6-7 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What was crush mean after life end up ,trust us everything will happen on the spot. You have no time to breath let alone to crush. You should be one of the so called professors family or friends.Please read about Ethiopian hero.

  54. There is a saying in Ethiopia.
    profession is within heart.(ሞያ በልብ ነው::)
    perhaps this might be the reason why Ethiopian Government is keeping quiet for each and every Egyptian government and politicians verbal attacks.
    but i say please come up with idea in which all parties can agree.not like the one written over here which limits Ethiopia's interest and keeps the Egypt interest as before.Let us talk on fair share of the water.From the 84bcm of the nile water divide equally to the Nile basin countries.perhaps if that quotient is not enough for completely desert country like Egypt,thy have to find other source of water like,distilling sea water and searching for underground water.for Electric power thy might look for nuclear ,geothermal or wind power instead of only depending on Nile. what if Natural disaster happened and Egypt lost the Aswan dam?or drought happened in upstream countries and the Nile river get reduced?Egypt as a country must not depend on Nile only.
    i get in dilemma when you guys call the international laws of water here instead of cooperating and believing in mutual benefit from the river.
    For me law is not the only to force to comply to rules and is better if we trust each other before calling Laws here.

  55. Ethiopia Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom has met with Egypt Foreign Minister Mr. Kamel Amro on 17-18 June 2013. The result is positive and to resume dialogue based on win-win strategy. Nile unites Egypt & Ethiopia and paves the way for development and growth.

  56. Many have said and many of my fellow Ethiopians have described what is the stand of Egyptian politicians, academicians and others. The interesting thing what they exposed themselves to world is that, even the Egyptian academician are well ignorant and boosting as no one in the world have no any experts to their level. They have no any sense of logic and fairness of world, even though they are defending for their countries benefit. The recommendation they put couldn't be acceptable even for a child not for one loyal country like Ethiopia. As we have seen already, their diplomacy is after they declared war on Ethiopia and sabotage the region stability and its targeting only benefit of Egypt, no compromise sentences when their PM came to Ethiopia for diplomatic reason. Only for fairness of Ethiopia to welcome an official already giving hard sentences on the diplomacy issue. So, Diplomacy failed, their other option will started? War? Court? Let, if the people they mislead including politician decide to go to war, are these professors have economic analysis for their countries lose and gain? Or still everything is with the gain to Egypt even in war? Or still for war, we have to ask their willingness to fire bullet? In war no one get the benefit they intend, even USA understand the wage of war after Iraq even though they seems win, in net they lost. I wish I will see the university professors of Cairo again to plan for war and make some suggestion.

  57. I feel that the above report it biased and understandbly it is written to back Morsi. This is the few fact the intlectuals who want to scale down the dam need to know. Power shortage is acuit in Ethiopia. For Egypt has 27,000 MW electricity and Ethiopia has 2,000 MW electricity. The population of Ethiopia is higher than Egypt. Ethiopia is now the second populus country in Africa with 94 million people. Less than 11% of the people have access to Electricity. And above all hydropower do not burn water like diesel engines. The bigger the power generation is the higher volume of water the dam would discharge. So the suggestion written above is in fact more damaging to Egypt because there will be less water to flow out of the dam. In fact, if Egypt help Ethiopia to build bigger dam, the water flow would increase.

    There are already 3 dams on Nile, in Sudan and Egypt. This dams did not stop the water from reaching Cairo. So it is a bit of scaremongering and divert attention.



  60. Fuck all Egyptian we all are ready to kick your ass, if you try to kick our dam think before we will kick your dam and there is no more life there in your country , this is our blood, make our people strong try try our history is always win and make history and never been colonized this is really simple for us to fight with you. don't be fool you leader is deceiving to continue his position .......

    1. Want a Patriot missile battery to defend the dam against Morsi? Give Uncle Sam a call. We'll be happy to oblige.

  61. It really is annoying to see that the so-called Egyptian university professors are no different than their politicians. As professors they should base their argument not on hearsay but facts. For instance they claimed that the dam will be creating a reservoir with a capacity of 74 billion cubic meters, while the fact is 63 billion. I mean, what is the intention of distorting such little facts? How can we trust them on big issues when they do fail on little matters? All their recommendations are things of a layman and not based on a thorough review of facts on the ground. I feel that these people are suffering from prosecutive delusion as their politicians are.

    As educated and people of respect from their people, they need to avoid any kind of bias to win the hearts and minds of the peoples of all the nations having stake on Nile. That is the only way for win-win solution.

    I think they need to update themselves with current developments and the following article could somehow help.

    wedi Ethiopia

  62. The report is not professional, and should be supported by enough research, numerical figures, charts, Cost/benefit analysis, advantages & disadvantages in all water basin countries including Ethiopia, and references. generally, this is showing the usual method of thinking of Egyptians that always taking negative position against Ethiopians and underestimates the Abyssinia's nation. However,the time has came to Egypt to take important considerations regarding Blue Nile and The main contributor of Nile river Ethiopia other than any sabotages and such a rubbish notices. Egypt need to stop involving in Ethiopian politics like they did for SHABYA and WOYANE for the sake of their selfishness and stop fabricating any sabotage against Ethiopian nation, instead working together for mutual respect and development of all African nations. That will be the solution for the current fear of Egyptians.

    Peace to mama Africa
    God bless Ethiopia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  63. "It is not a secret that throughout the history, Egypt has never been an obstacle preventing the development in the African Nations in general and the countries of the Nile Basin in particular" In Ethiopian case the reverse was true, even so we are ready to forget it,dear professors,Please come back to reality,and work together for common goal!!

  64. Kusumu!!! idiot Egyptian professors. You are still thinking your fucken colonial History ... oh sorry you don't know how independence is our proud history as well as being colonized is your .....

  65. Senait from Eritrea6/18/2013 05:37:00 PM

    i think the Nile for Egyptians is a gift of God, so Ethipians mustn't build the dam. they must think about that.

    1. Is it something on the Bible or Quran?, I think if it is the gift for Egypt and hell for Ethiopia, it should have been among the ten commandments,

    2. Maybe that time God made the Nile run red with blood to punish Egyptians for being assholes, that was actually Ethiopian sewage?

    3. You wrote

      >Is it something on the Bible or Quran?, I think if it is the gift for Egypt and hell for Ethiopia, it should have been among the ten commandments,

      Wrong the source of the saying: Egypt is the gift of the Nile is attributed to the Greek historian Herodotus who wrote his "Histories' about 2500 years ago but again Egyptians do not read about their own history so it does not surprise me when Egyptians have no clue about Herodotus

      The Bible and the Qur'an the Semitic literature par excellence? the authors of both books had no regard for Egypt or its people!

    4. We know some of the Eritreans like you and your stupid gov't are against the interest of Ethiopians. we expect your bull gov't will work with Egypt's govt againist Ethiopia. However, I hope you don't forget what we can do on the field of war. I want to remined you 1993 E.C. I know majority of Eritreans are with the people of Eth. b/s we share more similarities than differences

    5. So you're saying that..The Egyptians can have Electricity in the House but Ethiopians should live in the dark with all that poverty??believe me if Eritrea was the source of the Nile're Government will not go 30 Years of war for Freedom...From Ethiopia....the War will be on water....!!!

    6. I think U R forget Ur history. Read Ur history and belongs to Ethiopian people b/c we are almost the same(Ethiopian & Eritrean people).

    7. you don't have the moral to talk about this issue . you are living in the dammen hopeless nation

  66. when did Egypt consult Ethiopia when she signed agreements and built her fucken dum.... be rational.....

  67. This report is biased and insufficient. It does not provide any scientific evidence to support its claim. It is a means used to undermine the Egyptian people by providing false facts. Although true that there might be some impacts that come from the construction of the dam this is not the study to provide it. It is exaggerated and misleading.

    The statement that says that Egypt has never been an obstacle for the development of other African countries is historically false. Egypt has been the primary supporter of rebellions and civil wars in the horn of Africa (especially Ethiopia). It has been their primary policy to create conflict in the region for the past centuries so that these countries are unable to develop them selves since their hand are tied in war.

  68. I gave an F( the lowest grade a human can achieve ) to all the so called professors of Cairo University who published this paper. They completely ignored that Ethiopia has an absolute right to utilize her natural resources, like any other countries.

    For your information, Ethiopia had planned to use the water after the dam for irrigation, and 500,000 kmsq of land will be cultivated. This is how are using our natural resources effectively. If the Egyptians need some water after the turbine, they will have to pay $3 per gallon for Ethiopia.

  69. Nothing new to see except you find "scholars" rubber-stamping selfish and Arab style "I'll shove it in your throat" kind of Egyptian leaders mentality

  70. My brothers in Ethiopia and Egypt: calm down.
    If a war erupts between the two countries, the result is going to be horrific. That type of war will go forever. It has nothing to do with "my country has stronger military".
    The West will be the main beneficiary as always. They get to sell their out dated weapons to both sides. They will divide themselves into two groups to make sure that the war never ends. One group will support Ethiopia and the other will support Egypt.
    You know what happened between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ethiopia could've crushed Eritrea in one week. But, ...
    You know what happened in Sudan. Do you think South Sudan could win any war?
    War is so ugly, both Egypt and Ethiopia (under their disposed dictators) helped arming South Sudan rebels at one point of time.
    We in Sudan love both Ethiopians and Egyptians, the people. We know that governments come and go ... the people live on.
    The fact is that no country has any right to prevent another country from using its own resources for the development and the benefits of its own population. So, Egypt needs to take a deep breath.
    Cooperate - don't f*** around.

    Zool Sodany
    Kasala, Sudan

  71. what is that

  72. These professors forwarded recommendation is an opinion from Cairo professors. It is not a report backed by some sort of research and investigation. it is unlikely to produce valid and reliable pragmatic impact assessment within this short period of time. Moreover these professors as all of them are from one side of the issue they would not be free from their biases.

  73. 63 billion cubic meters the plan but you are reporting here as 73 billion cubic meters. What a misleading point is this? This is why Egyptian professionals are stupid in any aspect.

  74. Unscientific and politically motivated report
    The title "Cairo University’s report on Ethiopia's Great Renaissance Dam” superficially this title looks the study conducted by professionals because it is done in the university. But, when we see the content of the report in depth, we can easily understand the report possessed reflections of an emotional group of Egyptians who are unable to separate their own will with an intellectual scientific work. Such kinds of reports are so biased and not based of scientific facts so that it cannot help in developing trust and partnership among the Nile basin countries.
    Let’s analyze the content of the report carefully:
    In introduction section: "A series of external challenges have suddenly appeared on the surface forming major threats to securing the water supply to Egypt." This statement emphasizes on the external series of challenges to security of Egyptian water supply. By the external challenge they mean the move of Nile upstream countries like Ethiopia in claiming their rights of utilizing their fare share from the river. Beginning a study by considering member states of the Nile basin as a threat because they ask their fare share and denying their inherent right clearly show us that the report is motivated politically by those who are living in old days and do not understand the fruit of cooperation.
    "The sources of these threats are the new plans by the Ethiopian Government to construct four dams on the Blue Nile. However, the major threat was the sudden unilateral announcement of the Ethiopian Government to divert the course of the Blue Nile marking the actual start of construction of the Great Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD) without consultation with the downstream countries; Egypt and Sudan." First of all to expect consultation and collaboration among any countries, it requires common understanding and recognition of each other’s rights. In reality, Egypt and Sudan has denied Ethiopia’s right of utilizing the Blue Nile even if more than 85% of the water of the river originates from it. This has been observed repeatedly from the speeches of previous and current Egypt’s politicians and government and they even go as far as playing a negative role for any kind of Ethiopia’s development plan related to the river and sometimes threatening the country with military action. This simply shows the ground fact that there is no trust as well as recognition of other countries in developing their own natural resource. Considering others need to develop their natural resource as external threat and deliberating denying others right, who would expect Ethiopia or any of the countries to give any prior notice to such a country that has ill plan to their interest of development and consider their right to use their natural resource as a national threat. This is foolish. Continued...

  75. "The purpose of the group is to support the effort of Government and the decision makers facing these serious escalating water threats." This statement indicates the group is not in favor of producing a scientific way to a win-win solution in the use of river Nile among the basin countries but to protect "Egypt's historic right" which claims 100% water for Egypt and Sudan, and let others to go to hell. Those who dare to use Nile will be destabilized and as a result whose people to suffer from hunger, disease and internal conflict. This was officially confirmed on last time aired presidential meeting to destabilize Ethiopia through different means because they date to use their rightful natural resource, Blue Nile.
    Under subtitle "Areas of Concern to be considered by the Egyptian Government" in 1,2,3 the report emphasizes on the reduction of Egypt's water share and its potential impact due to the dam that is under construction for hydro electric power generation. Like I mentioned above the groups interest to nullify the share of other riparian countries but Egypt and Sudan by promoting "Egypt's historic right over river Nile. When the group says reduction of Egypt's share, it means 87% of the river Nile and of course, the rest is left for Sudan. And hence any use of the water by other riparian countries can seen a national security threats for Egyptians. This leaves the report’s findings in question to be a real solution that can bring sustainable peace and collaboration among all the riparian countries.
    No. 4 talks about the possible collapse of the dam is a threat for both Sudan and Egypt. This raises a question to the group itself. Why similar concern does not hold to Aswan dam? Why it lasts this far without any incident of collapse? The GERD is being built by world class engineers with very rich experience in building such big dam from many different nationalities. So, why do Egyptians want to magnify this issue? Is that because they are more expert than others? I do not think so. But, it is because the groups inclination to protect the so called “Egypt’s historic right over river Nile”.
    "Target of Negotiation: Mitigate the Damage” points out the groups interests to control river Nile from source of Blue Nile. Any of the solution are not supported by scientific findings be need of the group’s members to be shown as here in their country. As to me, the recommendations are only feasible if and only if Egypt could invade and occupy Ethiopia (LOL).
    "It is not a secret that throughout the history, Egypt has never been an obstacle preventing the development in the African Nations in general and the countries of the Nile Basin in particular." LOL. This is a complete lie and denial of the ground facts that is observed in day to day life of Nile basin countries. All the black people in sub Saharan knows the real Egypt which even does not dare to teach its children about the contribution and right of other Nile basin countries over the river Nile. Many ordinary Egyptians’ are made to think that river Nile is their private property (to some extent to Sudan) and others have no any kind of right over the river. It is also clearly known that the previous Egyptian governments have records of directly or indirectly aggravating any potential conflicts in upper basin countries and of course it is their policy. Even the current government and many of the politicians have shown this hidden behavior in televised presidential meeting. Continued....

  76. As we have seen reports carefully, we can say that the report was crafted a group of emotional politicians not respected scholars who can see and hope for the stability and development of African people but a group of short-sighted politically motivated individual who uses Cairo university as a cover to make sure continuity of Egyptians misguided police towards river Nile. I think the fundamental issues that should be addressed before moving with irrational ideas and madly acts are:
    1. To recognize upstream countries that they have equal right to develop and use its natural resources.
    2. To educate all the people of the river about the commonness and rights of each countries, and advocate people to people cooperation.
    3. To find a brand new win-win solution for efficient utilization of the common natural resource.
    4. Help each other in developing the river basin in every country to conserve the resource for the current and future generations.
    5. Advocate the need of developing economical ties among the countries.

  77. I don't think that this is from Egyptian. I think this is a fake post

  78. This is fake post. Never comment on a face post.

  79. End of Egyptian wrong game, we don't need any one to dictate on our own resource! until reach 45,000 MW we will continue building dam on our revers! This is the fact and whether u believe it not!

  80. although Ethiopia was part of the colonials and got their share, it was colonized by Italy for seven years. ethiopia got also got its share of Ogaden, Oromos and Sidamos.

  81. i dont know who think like that ,aggression always Leeds no ware so if Ethiopia to develop they have to use their natural resources ,as Egyptian already have many dams Ethiopia just started building .so both nation has to work together to develop ,but.....ethiopia never ever serenader to the point less idiotic assumption.

  82. Dear Egyptians;
    simply wash ur ass and will kik it and fuck with our central figure u have to study and read how much the Ethiopians are patriot and very strong in military attack.we the strong east African.

  83. Most of the comments above favour Ethiopians and Egyptians seem quite about it ! I like quite people, they don't talk but they react. Ethiopians talk too much, i know them for a fact, don't trust any of the above comments made by the Ethiopians, they are like barking dogs. However there also are real Ethiopian men, they don't talk, they respect others rights, they are rare but they exit, they definitely are not from the Meles era. Meles produced mass talkers and bad behavors, Meles produced a useless generations, lots of losers ! Sorry Ethiopia.

    1. fack you dammen try it and we will show you what the real drama looks like

  84. It is a fact that 99% of Egyptians enjoy electricity while less than 18% of Ethiopians now have access to electricity. This, I guess, is OK with the so called professors above as well as some Egyptian politicians, as evidenced by the video that surfaced last week. Egypt is the #1 cotton producer in the world and one of the leading wheat harvester, all because of the Nile. And, Ethiopia where the majority of the water originates, struggles to fed itself. Who, in our generation, can forget the famine cycle Ethiopia has gone through in the last 20 years?

    This dam will be built whether Egypt likes it or Eritrea supports it or not. You know why? Because Ethiopians of all ages everywhere support it and despite Egypt's attempt to make sure financing is not available, the people are determined to make this collective dream of being self-sufficient, come true. With God's help it will be done. " Ethiopia will stretch he hands to God" Psalm 68:31

  85. Egypt wastes 12.8 billion cubic meters of perfectly good Nile water annually by discharging it into the Mediterranean after it passes through the High Dam at Aswan. Why don't the lazy scroungers do something about that before they whine at Ethiopia.

    Exploitation of the Wasted Nile Water in the Mediterranean Sea (PDF)

  86. Negotation point 4 says "Ethiopia to commit for the advance notice for any future projects ...", it looks like one of articles proposed by Italy before 120 years ago for colonizing Ethiopia, and finally which results in war at Adwa. For those who wrote this report, do you really know what you are talking? One thing I can assure you is that we Ethiopians know well how to defend our sovereignty. Idiot!!!!!!!!

  87. none sense report

  88. Two comments:
    1. I don't see any science in the report. The "professors" jumped on to conclusions. Where is the scientific method that you have used to say what you said?
    2. Why should Ethiopia report to Egypt for its water related projects? Does Egypt do the same for other countries? Egypt has been disguisly blessed because of the lack of determination on the Ethiopians side in using their waters. Ethiopia has been starving due to "draught" while its water was flowing through its lands to feed Egypt. It would be cynical to think that Ethiopia should not take advantage its waters. If Egypt thinks that way, then Ethiopia should start to put meters for measureing the amount of nile water flows and bill Egypt. Would that be better?

  89. Egypt is better to think how to take the courses called

    1. Cooperation 101 &
    2. WAR 101.

    Then including many other common courses like math & ethics can decide on what to do.

  90. Egyptian professors shall better to take first the following courses rather than proposing too too much selfish plan

    1. Cooperation 101 &
    2. WAR 101

    Including other very important courses like communication, psychology , then they can decide on which way is optimal.

  91. Could any one please find out what is the scientific work of those profs in the past? Do they conduct research and publish? Why the Mubarek water minister (former) is the chair of this committee? Is he also a prof. at Cairo University? This guy hates to African particularly Ethiopian is matchless bordering racism. Whenever he talks and writes, he amazes me a lot. Please any body working in Cairo University enlighten us by posting about the professional background of this 'group'.

  92. I read the document thoroughly and was compelled to make the following comment.
    1)The doc. proposes a review on the structural design by "Egyptians", The structural safety of the dam is equally of concern to us Ethiopians. Any wise man couldn't expect us to allow the design to be reviewed by Egyptians while they are in such a hostile attitude.(But we assure you
    Ethiopians know enough at least to use Consultants with best expertise)
    2)The doc. tells us that Egyptians are not against any Project in the past (done by Brother Africans). Is it not a mockery? We saw enough on your live debate chaired by your President.
    No Ethiopian would throw Bread on a foot ball squad that is a guest(this happened to as in Cairo.)
    If you really mean it, at least stop your people who abuse our men and women who are guests in Egypt now.
    We Ethiopians didn't even attack the Italian aggressors whom we defeated at Adwa in 1896.I am definitely sure today's Ethiopia has no hidden agenda, except the one declared to the whole world.
    I hope the intellectuals in Egypt understand this and act "RESPONSIBLY and RESPECTFULLY" when dealing with us.

    WA from Addis

  93. hahahahahahaah
    a dam MEANS MORE USEABLE WATER by a hundredfold
    less flooding
    more and better aquifers
    more farming
    more people
    more safety
    more activities
    more fishing more electricity
    more MONEY
    for everytone

    better lives for 100s of millions

  94. Most of the comments are too negative and one wonders whether they are being made by balanced, peace loving and objective citizens of both countries or, the comments are being written by those who want to fuel conflict between the two countries. One only hopes that both nations will not be influenced by such comments.

  95. Political professors.

  96. You Egyptians why you act like don't have mind?

  97. The most selfish and hopeless people on planet earth are Egyptian.
    you have noting of yourself, you should get uninterrupted military aid from the devil USA, oil aid from Qatar, wheat aid from Saudi
    and water aid from Ethiopia ..... it goes on. but this time the Ethiopians are to cut off some of their aid because they are getting more thirsted than u...and hopefully they will let you take the left over....

    you have nothing,,,,,,just nothing, sorry for you

  98. After reading the report, (not sure even if this is the report of Egyptian profs.) the profs don't have the moral and ethics what an education ultimately should give us. I haven't see such a biased reported from the upper Nile basin country profs! Now I am in doubt where are the best African Universities located. I feel that an educated person shouldn't be biased and sell his moral for a dirty politics. I wouldn't mind if this report has been written by the politicians. I am looking forward where every of us work together to make this world equally comfortable for every human being. I hope Egyptian elites will be part of the the good world History. Let the almighty give us the good attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Perhaps it may be the first time for the world listening and watching the leaders of Egypt are working for the destabilization of Ethiopia. But in reality Egypt works for centuries to make Ethiopia weak through its Coptic church making Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers be of bad working culture. Again Egypt along with its allies working hard & be successful to disintegrate Eritrea from Ethiopia. Again and again Egypt works badly to make Ethiopia to be busy in Civil war and not to focus on the development of the Blue Nile so that it can diversify its development.This is Vividly approved by the Morsi Government recently. But today that is not the case. It is to sink together or to swim together.

  100. There is no such thing called Egyptian professional, of course everybody has little education about water and the Nile. So, when it comes to Nile every Egyptian is a politician. This blog has no scientific or technical information but only tells how much ALL EGYPTIANS are arrogant and selfish.

    1. This is very true. The Title seems huge but there is not scientific and / or technical information about it. All allegations made by the experts from Egyptian Universities is based on theory and no real study. If i were a professor and grading this study report, i will give you a 'C - ' . I will not give you a 'D' because i know there is much better and brighter students and teachers in Egypt. Your group called GNP is by far nonsense .

      Little knowledge is too dangerous !

      Be like me (one who does not know much ) and shut up !

  101. haaaaaaaaaaa, really this is not expected from the experts the the condition you put is the conditions that Former colonies imposing on Africa like you. Except the win -win benefit we Ethiopians do not accept you bullish report.

  102. haaaaaaaaa, really this is not expected from experts .You are imposing conditions that former colonies were imposing on you ? Egypt is always behind the destabilization of Ethiopia including making as landlocked countries. if you are true experts and your study is scientific , it will support win-win benefit policy than the biased report that your politicians are propaganda for the innocent Egyptian friends.

  103. more than 80% of Nile water is sourced from Ethiopia. Ethiopia has the natural right to use the water. I appriciate the proffesors of Cairo Universaity accepting this fact and even if it is not fair to reduce the reservior capacity of the GERD from 74 to 14 bmc I feel it is a good start to negotiate and also I appreciate the patience and disciplined responses from Ethiopian higher officials. Its a good start. Unless we start from these positive sides we will not adress the interest of both. But I want to remind the Egyptian officials atleast to be happy for Ethiopian to use atleast the water which flow to Meditranian sea passing Egypt(more than 50% of the consumptive water of Nile river is flowing to meditranian sea passing Egypt). God bless Africa

  104. in the dark time, yes!!, Egyptian tried to mess Ethiopia and used Nile water exclusively.Now the system of game is changed. so Egypt Government and Scholars have only one option on the table. no other alternative. that is sitting around table and discussing to fulfill both sides interest.
    on other side Egyptians government and can be said all Scholars are with only short vision. as long as Ethiopia is not changed, drought will cause a water flow to cease, so come on first make Ethiopia green, especially Nile basin and then water will flow in its bank full through out the year and then it will be enough to both parts.
    If Egypt want other option than these , especially war ,it is well known who will be harmed.don't try funding for those seeming Ethiopian enemies, now TIME ETHIOPIANS STAND EVER TOGETHER THAN ANY TIME.

  105. Egypt experts should have participated in all the meetings held with downstream countries on the construction of Great Renaissance Dam. Instead, Egypt undermined the meeting and did not show up on some occasions ! Egyptians are smart people, but lately you are too emotional that you do not make logical decisions and take logical actions anymore. Maybe its time to learn from us the Ethiopians on how to deal with matters. We had our own problems too but we finally are starting to overcome. So, let us be and you just keep an eye on us ! Actually, Egypt should start getting involved in the construction and give all the support you would give to your neighbors. This way, we can trust you as well. Thanks,

  106. Egypt are sister country for Ethiopia. We Ethiopians will not have a plan which harms Egyptians. However, we should also have to search a solution for our selves before we die of starvation. Peace and Prosperity to Both Countries!

  107. Never seen a post with so many comments. Maybe it's time for an update, Zeinobia.

  108. This is a complete lie and denial of the ground facts that is observed in day to day life of Nile basin countries. All the black people in sub Saharan knows the real Egypt which even does not dare to teach its children about the contribution and right of other Nile basin countries over the river Nile. Many ordinary Egyptians’ are made to think that river Nile is their private property (to some extent to Sudan) and others have no any kind of right over the river. It is also clearly known that the previous Egyptian governments have records of directly or indirectly aggravating any potential conflicts in upper basin countries and of course it is their policy. I liked your blog, Take the time to visit the me and say that the change in design and meniu?


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