Sunday, June 16, 2013

#Syria Does not Need #Morsi And His Sheikhs

As usual , as expected the Muslim brotherhood did what they are best at and are exploiting the agony of other people, other tragedies for political gains.
A very cheap political conference to show off Mohamed Morsi and Muslim brotherhood’s supporters before the opposition’s mass protests on 30 June 2013 took place tonight at Cairo stadium hall. As usual the MB mobilized its members from all over the country including women and children as well their so called MB Ultras to fill the Cairo stadium indoor main arena. By the way the Cairo stadium indoor main arena’s capacity is 20,000 spectators.
The event was to show solidarity with Mohamed Morsi with all the banners praising , with all the Morsi t-Shirts and with all the pro-Morsi chants like “Morsi will stay whole 7 years”.
 There were many scenes in the event that actually an insult to Syria and its martyrs. You got imposters , crocks and terrorists like Safwat Hegazy , Mohamed Hassan and Assam Abdel Maged acting like heroes.

Abdel Maged and Hegazy one hand "Doaa Sultan FB page"
There is the historical scene that me and millions of Egyptians will not forget when Salafist Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Maksoud prayed against the infidel hypocrites who are going to protest against Mohamed Morsi ,the president of all Egyptian !!

Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Maksoud prays against the 30/6 protesters
By the way Sheikh Abdel Maksoud is the brother of our current MB minister of information Salah Abdel Maksoud.
Syria indeed won a lot with that prayer. I know people,Muslims who were hesitant in participating in the protests against MB on 30 June 2013. They are going to participate after that scene.
Another scene, a typical scene full of racism and hate towards Shiism where the Sheikhs called the Shiites dirty and urging Morsi to cut the relations with Iran.
Of course in another scene that made breaking news worldwide Moris issued the decision to cut the diplomatic relations with Syria 48 hours after the US announcement to arm the opposition in Syria.
Amazingly in the speech distributed by the presidency on press on there was no mention for this decision. It is a surprise , a cheap one considering the fact that the Syrian ambassador left Egypt and the Egyptian ambassador left Syria and we got only a diplomatic Commission there in Damascus.
Unfortunately the advisers of President Morsi on foreign relations aka Essam Haddad and Khaled Qazzaz did not and will not understand that the decision to close the Syrian embassy in Cairo will harm thousands of Syrians in Egypt. “There are over 90,000 Syrians in Egypt”
Yes according to my Syrian friends who are Pro-Revolutionary by the way this decision will harm the Syrians who want to issue and renew their ids and passports !!
Of course I should not forget to highlight the amazing statement of Khaled Qazzaz , the President’s secretary on foreign relations. Qazzaz is not worried from the Jihadists travelling from Egypt to Syria nor he does consider them a threat to the National security considering the radical ideas they got.
By the way the Jihadists who came back from Afghanistan and other countries to Egypt consider Qazzaz infidel including those in Sinai.
Qazzaz is an engineer who was appointed as the president's adviser for education in 2012 by the way. His dad owns the biggest private school where the rich MB members send their kids to.
Back to the Circus held tonight in Cairo stadium.
President Morsi spoke Hezbollah yet he forgot to mention Russia and China. Amazingly China which he visited and the MB was flying over the moon with this visit is helping African countries in building dams on the Nile !!
Anyhow cutting the diplomatic relations is nothing for me comparing how millions of Egyptians turned to be infidels because they are political opponents of Morsi and Muslim brotherhood.
I apologize for Syrians especially for those who are killed that some Egyptians are using their blood for those domestic political gains.
God bless Egypt and Syria and May their agonies so soon.


  1. Very disappointed by this opportunistic move by the MB. Morsi does not appear to be guided by principle.

  2. If even the Syrians don't need or want them, then who does?

  3. Thank you Zeinobia for insightful observation.

    I think Morsi is desperate to divert attention from June 30 protest. That is why he is talking about war, war, war with Syria, Hezbollah, Ethiopia, infidels, but no talking about the real issue of Egypt quest for freedom, democracy and prosperity. Before June 30, he might plunge in to desperate action, including declaration of war and the state of emergency to divert the attention of Egyptians and stop the protest. He knows the US will not allow that and what he did is to say I am your boy. I will serve the interest of US in the Middle East and please let me stay in power after june 30.

    He is terrified and he knows no one can save him from the people revolution. He is now realizing America is going to come down over Syria and he want to abandon an Arab country to get sympathy from the America and Israel to stop the June 30 protest. He is standing against Russia, China and the Arab world who had been arguing against military intervention.

    It is like saying I am at your service and please stop the protest. He should have been a statesman to resolve the issue our Brother Syrians in peaceful and amicable way to the people of Syrians, not inviting the US and Israel to bomb the airfield and infrastructure of the Syrian people. That is going to happen with invitation of Morsi and mindless clerics who will not understand the geopolitical reality of the region. Syrians and Egypt share border with Israel, they have common interest but now they will never forget Morse’s betrayal in the time of difficulty. He is also threatening Hezbollah too to appease Israel and America. This is treason against Palestine.
    The US intervention was delayed because of the pressure of Russia and China and the Arab world, but now with blessing of Morsi, the bombing will start raining soon. Of course he might think that is a good destruction of attention for Egyptians and their call for democratic government. As a result of Morsi’s attempt to divert attention from June 30 protest, the Egyptian foreign policy in the Middle East will be tented forever.

    1. Arab world doesn't want the US involved in Syria? The Jews and Americans are the cause of all the trouble in Syria? Al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood work for Obama? What the hell are you smoking? It's communist nutjobs like you that make it seem like the Muslim Brotherhood isn't the least sane option.

  4. A very cheap shot of Morsi's and the MB's!!They looked ridiculous and pathetic to exploit people's pains for what they wrongly are considering political gains!!In fact what they're unconciously doing is mobilizing further the Egyptian People against them!
    This is a regime that's sacrificing Egypt's national security and social stability,and by that it completely lost "legitimacy"...
    It is the beginning of their fall,keeping all fingers crossed...

    1. Fingers crossed for what? So people like that crazy person who commented up above you can take over Egypt? It's not too late for Egyptians to let Mubarak out of jail and admit they had a logic spasm. Everyone knows Egyptians are retarded anyway, so nobody will be surprised.

  5. "By the way Sheikh Abdel Maksoud is the brother of our current MB minister of information Salah Abdel Maksoud."

    This is totally wrong!

  6. Zeinobia: el-ikhwangiyya have no shame

    It seems that Charles De Gaulle while living in the safety of Algeria during the second world war and many Americans and British and Canadians were killed by the Germans during the attempts to liberate France, he was quoted as saying and I'm paraphrasing here that he and the French will fight the Nazis until the last American and Canadian and British is dead! After all why should he care about these young people or the people that love them

    Shame on el-ikhwangiyya as young naive Egyptians might join this little despicable jihad and get killed and in the meantime el-ikhwangiyya will be living in the safety of Egypt

    I guess once a liar and hypocrite always a liar and a hypocrite and this is what el-ikhwangiyya are all about

    I urge all the young people in Egypt to expose the calls for jihad as contrary to common sense and to what humanity is all about and that if you want to live in a better world then charity starts at home and not in fighting a so called "holy war"

    Shame on el-ikhwan and their ilk

    1. "I urge all the young people in Egypt to expose the calls for jihad as contrary to common sense and to what humanity is all about.."

      You think Egypt is a country where young people have common sense and are interested in the welfare of humanity?

    2. >You think Egypt is a country where young people have common sense and are interested in the welfare of humanity?

      We can only hope

  7. Zeinobia: the so called sheikh Essam abd el-Maged is a despicable character and an irhabi an no more

    The question is would he also go and fight this little jihad or will he continue to sit on his rear end and incite naive young Egyptians to go and fight and be killed while he is collecting his salary from the despicable wahhabis and have his daily lunch at Abu Shakra!

    What a hypocrite

  8. He's only half the size of that other Muslim Brotherhood who got beat up by women at the protest Zeinobia posted about. And how many of the people on Egyptian blogs and twitter and facebook get paid by zionist NGOs or zionist media outlets while talking crap about zionists? Talk about hypocrisy, right?

  9. Sometimes silence is golden and this is a case in point

    >And how many of the people on Egyptian blogs and twitter and facebook get paid by zionist NGOs or zionist media outlets

    Really? now can you name names? And can you provide the evidence as in name, who paid him/her and that who ever paid him was a Zionist? and the why?

    Let me guess you cannot provide anything except silly conspiracy theories right?

    See? silence is golden

    > while talking crap about zionists?

    So are you saying that certain bloggers are paid by certain unnamed Zionists and then they, the blogger, are "talking crap about Zionist"

    You are not making any sense

    But you know what? what does this have to so with el-irhabi el-kabeer the so called Sheikh Essam abd el-Maged the despicable?

    >Talk about hypocrisy,

    What hypocrisy you do not make any sense


    Right what?

    Again so no one can misunderstand what I said: The so called Shiekh Essam abd el-Maged is an irhabi and no more

    1. Whenever the word "Zionist" is mentioned in a comment, get ready for a crazy and inconsistent conspiracy theory.

  10. You were calling people fatass, too. As if the marxists are missing a lot of meals, right? As far as finding the Egyptians who are paid agents of the zionists and imperialists but who spend all their time badmouthing their employers, throw a brick into a crowd. Whoever yells the loudest zionist aggression is your prime suspect.

    1. You still did not answer my question do you think that the big time Irhabi Abd el-Maged will go to Syria and fight his little jihad? I will be waiting for your answer with great anticipation

      For the readers: The coward Mullahs in Pakistan do the same thing they sit on their read ends eating their way through any thing they can put their hands on and if they are not molesting their students they incite them to go and fight this creepy creepy so called holy war

  11. You are back for more and I wonder why

    >You were calling people fatass, too.

    But they are and why is that? Could it be because the likes of el-irhabi so called Shiekh Abd el-Maged never worked a day in his life and he sits on his rear end all day dishing out stupidity and hate and then he takes his break and have his little kabab lunch while naive young Egyptians that listen to this irhabi go and fight a war in a foreign land?

    > As if the marxists are missing a lot of meals,

    So are we talking about Zionists here or are we talking about Marxists? make up your mind

    I think that it is pathetic when el-islamgiyya wa el-ikhwangiyya never answer questions and all they can do is put labels on people that they do not know right?

    I cannot speak on behalf of Marxists but they are not paid lots of money by the despicable wahhabis so they really cannot afford lunch at Abo Shakra as the despicable irhabi Abd el-Maged does every day

    Now do you get it?

    > right?

    Right what? You are not even original

    >As far as finding the Egyptians who are paid agents of the zionists

    Oh I'm waiting for this one! you still did not name names so let me see you have no names which means that you are making things up

    > and imperialists

    "Imperialists"? One can very much argue that the irhabi Abd el-Maged gets paid by the imperialist wahhabis whose ancestors invaded Egypt in 642CE so is this what you are saying?

    See? Silence is golden

    >but who spend all their time badmouthing their employers, throw a brick into a crowd.

    I did ask you to provide me with names of these bloggers and also name the Zionists and the why but you failed. I see and i will leave this point to the readers to judge you and judge your poor flawed logic

    >Whoever yells the loudest zionist aggression is your prime suspect.

    Oh you have no answers I feel sorry for you

    But do you know what is most damaging to your case is the fact that you seem to be saying that what is wrong with the big time Irhabi Abd el-Maged being paid by the wahhabis and that he incites young naive Egyptians to fight his little jihad, when in your warped view of the world that certain bloggers that you did not even name, (could it be because you are making things up and people that make things up are delusional) are being paid by Zionists that you did not name either so is this what you are saying? If so I will leave this to the readers to judge you

    See? Let me say it again: Silence is golden


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