Monday, April 28, 2008

Follow UP : The Canadian Agrium blackmail

The Canadian Agrium does not want to give up and stop operating its toxic factory in Damitta , the factory is not operating anymore but the greedy company is trying to have the last word despite the refusal of the people of Damitta and its governor.
Last week the CEO of the Canadian company had talks with the prime minister ,strangely the meeting was attended by the Canadian Ambassador , I know that the company is Canadian but why he attends a meeting like this ?? Is the Canadian Ambassador with the company against the people ?? Is the Canadian Ambassador in Cairo agrees on polluting our environment for the sake of his native company !!??
A question : would Mr. Ambassador agree on having a similar factory with similar wastes in his own country , threatening the Canadian environment , threatening its forests,rivers and oceans !!??
If the situation was vice versa , Agrium is a huge Egyptian company and it wants to build a factory that will threat environment , will the Canadian people do nothing about it ??
The Canadian CEO appeared on TV very calm threatening us the Egyptian people directly that if this factory was closed , this would affect the foreign investments in Egypt giving it the image of a country that discourage foreign investments !!! I am sorry but is it because we are a poor country !!???
well nice looking CEO I have something to tell you
First we are not that POOR ,
Second Even if We are poor ,We still got dignity and have the right to protect our nature.
Third Mr. CEO if I were you I would not count upon a rotten regime like that current one in Egypt that seems in its way to fall down , and if it falls down "insh Allah it will " , your factory will be closed
I am here requesting all my Canadian readers to send to their media about this blackmail from their native company.
The People of Damitta along with the rest people of Egypt are refusing this factory .
According to our experts and scientists this factory will have dangerous effects from its chemical wastes on the following :
  • The River Nile.
  • The Mediterranean Sea and Egypt can be in critical legal position from other neighbour countries.
  • The Wild Life "The Marine life".
  • The air
  • The destruction of Ras El-Bar which was considered as a natural reserved area from couple of month by the ministry of Environment "despite the claim that it did not happen, they are lying I read the news by myself"
These are the environmental effect but there are other effects , economic effects , the results of these environmental effects economically on the people there
  • The fishermen will lose their main source of income.
  • The city of Ras El-Bar is seasonal city , its people income comes from the three months of the summer vacation "June,July and August" ,with the destruction of Ras El-Bar because of the pollution of beaches and air the city will suffer from unemployment .
Look our cabinet , the business men cabinet does not think about anything in their lives except how they can enlarge their bank accounts in Bahamas , so if they approve this factory then you must there is something fishy and it is enough to know that the Governor of Damitta is against the Factory and the NDP MP members there are heading the campaign against Agrium.

Please help us , send emails to the media in Canada.

Send emails to the Green Peace , I do not know where the people of Green Peace and their representatives in Egypt from all this .

Help the people of Damitta.
Help our planet .
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but we borrow it from our children
Native American proverb


  1. You should find an article in the Toronto Globe & Mail or the Montreal Gazette about this, and write a letter to the editor.

  2. I agree with Hani. Write letters to the editors of these 2 papers as well as the National Post.

    To answer your question, yes they would pollute a Canadian forest, river etc. if it meant they could make money.

    What would the Canadian people do?
    Probably nothing much. I was in Vancouver recently and there were very small protests re: the destruction of a natural ecosystem which is used by various birds and other animals. Trees hundreds of years old are cut down 2 build houses, factories, etc.

    Most of the Canadian rivers r quite polluted and a large chunk of it's huge forest has been cut.

    If you get a chance, watch the 11th hour.

  3. @Hani,I am thinking in this right now but I am waiting to see what is going on , everyday there is a new thing

    @n.American Princess,if they do not care , well we care and we are a third world country and if we succeed then they should learn from us


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