Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Follow Up : Pre 4th of May Strike

This is the main national news of the day

The Muslim Brotherhood group is going to participate in the 4th of May strike  to celebrate the President's birthday in the most suitable way.
I think the MB thought that it would not harm either ways they will be arrested and they will be attacked and after been accused of planning the 6th of April strike even when they had no hand it ,so it is either ways

The MB had to participate in this strike , we can't deny that its popularity was affected by the decision which many disapproved and considered as evidence on the unclear MB nature of having under the table deals with the regime , still we were all surprised with the unjust military court rule in the infamous MB members trial.

Anyhow I welcome them , some people do not want them , on the contrary I want them to join the strike because in the end they are Egyptians and this is strike for Egyptians to participate in

On the other hand the puppet parties like Al Wafd started its attack on the strike ,strange because their daily newspaper is attacking the cabinet on a daily basis , sorry after little thinking it is not strange after all the head of the party is the brother of Amin Abaza , the minister of Agriculture.

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