Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mahalla is still on fire and the clashes still go on and on

First of all it seems that the regime had a dirty hand in the clashes because those who destroyed and stole the properties of other people from cars and shops were known to the people of Mahalla as the thugs the police uses in the elections !! The Mahalla local blogs are saying these guys are well known to every one and that it was an attempt to sabotage the protests and the strike of the people there but unfortunately it went out of the hands of the regime and the people !!

Second the clashes are continuing ,already I found that the Mahalla local blogs are speaking about a new death , the death of the 15 years Mohammed Ahmed El Sayed yesterday in his home , young Ahmed was killed in his balcony by a warning shot from the security at 10 PM Mahalla Local time , he was transferred to the Mahalla's main morgue.

Third the clashes for the third day restarted and I have just known from one minute there are three people killed today !!!!? "confirmation please"

Fourth today is the municipal elections and I did not go to elect screw these elections I know that the NDP will win

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