Monday, April 7, 2008

The Mahalla saga continues

I think if we are going to have a democratic regime one day then we must make the 6th of April as the National day of Mahalla in the same way we have the 31st of March as the National day of Giza marking the resistance of the people of Giza against the British occupation in the revolution of 1919

Things did not stop at what happened yesterday , things are getting out of control thanks to the police behaviour , the police is using its violent mentally with the civilians treating them as just farmers and workers with no rights what so ever.

The clashes between the Police forces and the people started at about 4 PM Cairo Local time , in the morning the interior ministry announced that they arrested about 200 from Mahalla ,from what they called the Vandals !! Those vandals were in fact the locals , their families went with food and supplies to their relatives and sons detained in the main police station , the police refused let to them in ,sooner it turned in to clashes again and again.
Now it is 9: 22 PM in Cairo and I do not know what is going on there , some are saying that there are 50 police men injured and a major was killed  !! Others are saying there are more casualties , and another 12 years kid was killed ;again there is no confirmation , as far as I know the telephones lines are down now due to the circumstances there.

The governor himself went there , of course he left ASAP the clashes started , typical behaviour.

You can find more updates about Mahalla here from my dear blogger friend Arabawy


1#The police is re-using its thugs policy by sending thugs in civilian clothes to the city .

2# Here are more photos new photos from the clashes yesterday I collected them in a slide show from the Local Mahalla blog

3# Here are some videos I found in Youtube, the quality is somehow poor as they were taken by Mobile Phone cameras "I Love them", From yesterday morning till night

I can't post one of the videos because it contains a very bad insult to Mubarak , I am sorry but this is a rule ,I am trying to keep as clean as possible , it is a F-Bomb insult and it shows how much the people are angry from Mubarak in the city

3#The number of those who were killed because of the clashes is 4 , this is a confirmed number

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