Monday, April 7, 2008

The media coverage of yesterday ; the Masquarde is over

I swear that we are still living in the 1960s and there is no big difference between the Nasserite era and this nameless era ,the current regime is keeping and reviving with honour the dishonoured 86ebdaa9fbd70a9d6c4b heritage of their Nasserite ancestors from controlling the media and twisting the truth.
Yesterday the only people who were honest enough took to deliver the truth of what had happened on that day were the bloggers , the foreign correspondents and very very few journalists I think they could be counted on hands.
The regime used its powers to scare all journalists in most of the newspapers whether official or not official that they did not write a single word of truth yesterday.
I read today most of the Egyptian daily newspapers and I was shocked and sad ,some of these newspapers are famous ,some of them published by parties and some of them is thought to believed liberal in one day
Here is a quick sample :
  • Al Wafd newspaper published by Al Wafd party which did not approve or participate in the strike in the first place

One lonely protest in front of the lawyers syndication demanding the
dismissal of the cabinet

  • Nahda Misr newspaper published by Emad Adib , the famous media veteran , the brother of Amr Adib of Orbit , the newspaper is supposed to be independent and liberal , its chief in editor is Mohamed El-Shabaa who also edits some TV shows in the National TV

6 April passed Peacefully !!??

Al Mahla did not strike and 2000 persons sabotaged shops and attacked trains !

This of course beside the column of Shabaa who attacked the strike

  • Msaeya Newspaper,this is a daily unknown newspaper published by the Ta'awon publishing house , it is an official newspaper , the state owns the publishing house
The thugs attacked the schools and stole the Gold shops in Mahla and the police arrested the vandals
  • Egyptian Gazette , well after all it is owned by the state
On Strike day : Police show up , Protesters do not !!
  • Al Ahrar; published by Al Ahrar Party which did not participate in the Strike
The withdrawal of the Muslim Brotherhood and the security siege after the failure of the strike publicly!!
  • Daily Al Akhabr ; The famous second official news

The Failure of the strike !!
  • Al Masry Al Youm ; the best selling independent newspaper tried to hold the stick from the middle

A Strike that satisfied all parties !!

After that I could not read Al Ahram nor Rosa Al Youssef daily especially the later because no need to raise my blood pressure more and more .
The only two newspapers which said the trust , which made me believe there is still hope in professional journalism are independent " El-Dostor" and Leftist"El-Badeel" , both newspapers considered the strike to be a successful one and surely it was successful in my opinion "another post another time"

"El-Badeel" gave a detailed coverage across the country and Ibrahim Eissa in "El-Dostor" wrote a very beautiful column about the strike .

Forget about Press , things were worse in TV , first of all the security seemed to give detailed orders to all Private Egyptian Channel not to speak about the Strike from near or far especially to the News Night talk shows like 10 PM and 90 Minutes ; it was so obvious, may be they can hint to it as a failure but they are not allowed to discuss it , the only person whom I also respect so much who tried to get away from these restricted orders was Mona El-Shazely in 10 PM , the lady spoke about the Peaceful strikes experiences of Gandhi and Dr. King JR ,despite the fact both experiences are not suitable in Egypt nor in our time nor with this rotten regime.
The Arab News Channels could film anything due to the security measures , after all it turned out that they stopped Rahanda Abu El-Azzam from Al Arabiya from covering the Down Town protests and they took the cameras of BBC Arabic Crew

I feel so honoured that I am among the few who recorded the truth and so those who will come after us will know that there were still honourable honest people in that time


  1. well done....thank god for this blog

  2. Thank you for this blog I found it very interesting.

    I have been making some research on Egyptian Press. I have some difficulty to find the contact of al ahrar newspaper, and i do not speak arabic, could you help me? Many thanks



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