Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby Osama bin Laden

Update : Please ignore those two photos in the beginning on the post

Guess who is that cheerful baby ??

He was Osama Bin Laden ; the most wanted man in the world , the leader of the terrorist group Al Qaida

Baby Osama Bin Laden

and here is the photo of his father Mohamed Bin Laden and his mother Hamida Al-Attas, oh yes his mother I think they did not know what was hidden in the future for their little baby.

Update: It turned out that this was the photo of Osama half brother Salam with his wife and their baby , I should have known better from the clothes

Mama and papa Bin Laden

His father looked like a real Yemeni person , where as his mother reminds me with Famous Egyptian star diva Sohair El-Babaly in 1970s .

Update : Here is the real photo for Osama's father

He looks his dad more , in fact all the Bin Laden offspring looks like big Bin Laden , Ysalem and his crazy daughter look like him. yeslam_ben_ladin_afp220
Hamida was the tenth wife of Bin Laden , she divorced him after Osama's birth , she is Syrian from Latakia.I do not know if she is alive or not

Here was Osama with the rest of Bin Laden Clan in 1970 in Sweden

Osama bin Laden and friends

and here is an image for another two Bin Ladens in Saudi Arabia , I think they are other half brothers of Osama, I do not know their names.



  1. wow!
    where did you find this picture of baby Osama Bin Laden? I have been looking for one for quite a while now. I am an artist working on a series of paintings: portraits depicting influential people in today's political world, from their childhood photographs. Osama has been at the top of my list for some time. This is a perfect picture for my project. Here's a link if you're interested:


  2. Dear Amey
    I found these photos in an Egyptian newspaper ,immediately I cliped and scanned them , they are very rare , I am very happy that I helped you in your fantastic project , already I think visited your beautiful website before or read about in our press somewhere ,I saw these beautiful paintings somewhere before
    by the way if you are interested in photos for our leaders from kings and presidents in the Arab world
    this photo is for King Farouk the last king of Egypt
    and this is the photo for his first wife queen Farida
    I will try to find more photos for you
    thank you so much for this pleasure :)

  3. Thanks so much Zeinobia!
    How neat that you had already seen my paintings... amazing! It might be a little while, but I"ll send you a link when I complete my bin Laden painting.

    Also, thanks for the pictures of King Farouk & Farida. It's hard to search for some of the international leaders online, so I can use all the help I can get!


  4. Dear Amey , do not mention it ,I am happy that I am helping a fine artist like you, insh Allah I will try to find photos for Presidents Nasser,Sadat and even Mubarak when they were children , also other Arab leaders
    Good luck :)

  5. That black and white photo is not of Osama's dad but of his eldest brother, Salem. The baby is not Osama but Salem's daughter. The picture in Sweden was taken in 1971. Salem is on the the two guys crouching at the front. He died in 1988.


    Check the link below, which is a google search on Salem bin laden. You will see a picture of him with the baby taken in 1975.

    If you want to see what Osama's father looked like go to this link.

  7. oh this is one hell of mistake , I should correct immediately , thanks so much anonymous

  8. I think they are the best pictures I ever see I like the one were salem binladin is with his wife and baby too bad he died.

  9. @anonymous , yes the photo is beautiful , I like how his wife looks to their baby , well may be it is not too bad after the man would have lived under the microscope thanks to his brother

  10. hi my name is alzainub bin laden wa salam alaika i never seen my fathers bebe piture before but i have met my father my facebook is

  11. mashallah may allah bless you


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