Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The interview in the White house

Wow I have just finished watching Mona El-Shazely's very quick, very short ,very powerful and successful interview with G.W Bush.

The exclusive interview that lasted for 10 minutes only I believe was the most interesting interview G.W Bush ever made for an Arabic TV , all previous interviews were long, boring and questions were repeated over and over just like the answers  but this time it was different may be because the interviewer was different.

Mona had few time and thus she decided along with her excellent editing team to find the best four questions that can cover most important topics currently in Egypt and outside Egypt. I was scared that he would repeat his nonsense regarding Lebanon in which he said in BBC Arabic and Al Arabiya yesterday  but clever Mona had other more important questions.

Important questions that made me understand why the public media is attacking her and made me fear that she would face another hate campaign.

The first question was about the Egyptian American relations , how they are difficult to be categorized : An Ally but on the other hand other countries now play our role ,the American aid which was decreased and the elections

The first answer was a typical one , we are important ally , they can't do anything without us in the Palestinian issue .... and the Egyptian society produces stars , successful like Mona "I do not know if this related to the question or if it were a complaint to her or even a flirt , may be if he were Bill Clinton it would be a flirt "

The second question was the most important question that will cause a lot of trouble for her back home, already the Egyptian Ambassador in D.C was with her after the interview and he seemed that he did not like it nor did he like the answer . It was About DEMOCRACY

The second answer was direct and no one can change it from the public media , it was a direct message to the people of the world that the United States did not like how the democracy was going in Egypt "One step forward then one step backward" just like Bush phrased

Mubarak is his friend but the ruler should respect the democracy universal rules of elections and voting right .

The third question was about his visit to Israel celebrating its 60th birthday and how it provokes the Arab

The answer was another Bush traditional answers that he is working for two states resolution based on the road map , Mona interpreted him and told his that Jimmy Carter said that by looking to the number of victims from both sides, any person will know who is the real victim in a hint for the Palestinians "The first time someone dares and says it in his face"

Bush face went red and told her that every person has got his own point of view and continued in his day dreaming two states resolution , also Mona interrupted him wondering about how high was the ceiling of hopes about the Peace in the Middle East in the beginning of his term and how low it is now , of course he said that was not true and there is hope "I do not know when ,he is packing his bags"

The last question was how he thinks when he knows that there are 250 Million Arabs who think that their Life was worsen in his period

The Last answer was a typical Bush Answer

Time will tell that how I saved the middle East from destruction and how I set democracy there !!!??

Mona Should send the interview to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. By the way I do not know but I felt that Bush was an idiot American in front some wise Egyptian woman , I do not know why I had this feeling may be because Bush is already dump and Mona is smart !!??

Wait for me insh Allah I will try to get my hands on a copy from the interview

Bravo Mona for this scoop


  1. Hello, do you have a link for the video?

  2. I think the answer to your question is that Bush is an idiot that does not take away how good Mona is.

  3. Like yaman said please give us the link if possible.

  4. @Yaman and Mohamed ,I am searching for the video already

    @Rafaatology,I think you are right

  5. yqnI really didn't want to want to write anything in this blog, and I have my good reasons. But after I saw today the proper way the Arab Israeli reacted towards GW Bush*, I decided to tell you and your readers that the ONLY ACCEPTABLE WAY to treat BW Bush on his current trip to celebrate Israeli war crimes is to TOTALLY IGNORE HIM. That applies to you, to Mona El-Shazely, and to all those WHORES who rule Egypt, S. Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Afghanistan, etc. who are planning to hug him in a day or two.

    GW Bush, and for that matter, ALL America, don't wish you well, and shouldn't have much to do with your progress or your total collapse.

    * Arab MKs to boycott Bush's address

  6. @Amr, May I know why you do not want to write anything here ??
    and are you saying that I am whore to what ??
    second did you see Mona kiss his ass so you attack her like this ?? she went and asked him in a very dignified way ,it is not her problem that he answered in a way that you did not like

  7. I have a few reasons for not want to write here, but it is probably not the time to address then now. I am not, however, attacking you or Mona for writing or talking about GW Bush, as I consider both of you only misguided. You for allowing so much space for him, and her for accepting the White House invitation for this interview at this specific time. He is in his way to celebrate the Arab defeat and this misery imposed on the Palestinians for the last 60 years.

    It is important to note that American reporters refuse to interview GW Bush when he intends to publicize specific activity. Also, recently the NPR (National Public Radio) withdrew their request to interview him when the White House requested a specific reporter to conduct the interview.

    I am also attacking those undignified so called Arab leaders who allow themselves to welcome Bush (supposedly on behalf or their countries) immediately after he went to Israel to celebrate the horrors they inflicted on the Arabs. Unfortunately, he didn't disappointed them or me with the poisonous garbage he spewed today in the Knesset, against Arabs and Muslims.

    here's the video

  9. @Amr, I really want to know why you do not want to write here
    second It was not an invitation and Mona explained this clearly over and over
    third do you think G.W Bush will feel insulted if Mona did not speak with him ??
    we lived in bubble of Arab nationalism dignity for years and it did nothing except harming us
    attack the Arab leaders but do not attack the journalists like Mona , I believe she did an excellent job
    what did you expect him to say with her ??
    I am wrong about Iraq , I am wrong about Palestine , Israel is a war criminal country and should be punished , long live Hamas !!?
    why did you forget the part regarding Egypt which is causing lots and lots of stir here ??
    what did you expect to say in the Knesset ??
    Mona did not go like Al Arabiya kissing his ass
    she did her job

    @anonymous , thank you so much for the link, I will post it if you do not mind


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