Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another bad day for Syria

At last something official came about Tarek , who was arrested without a trial;  kidnapped if I want to be specific; from 7/7/07 "One special date you can't forget "

The court at last said its word and it was not a just one as it should be , the court ordered to jail Tarek 3 years for the charge of criticizing  the security authorities !!!?????????????

I feel so sad and angry for him and for his mother !! I do not have anything to say , it is something expected for an old dictatorship like the Syrian regime.

It is not over in Syria

Internet users are reporting that the Arabic Wikipedia in Syria is blocked !!?? oh yes the Arabic version of Wikipedia is blocked !!?? Wonder why !!?? Seriously it is nothing compared to the English wikipedia and the scandals of the Assad regime there !!??

Well may be they will blocked it too soon ??

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