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Walid Jumblatt ; a man for all seasons

Walid Jumblatt or Jombalt "or even Gombalt" is the perfect example  52300976 for how a politician can be as deceivable and liar , he is the perfect example for the term "A Man for all seasons" , I used to admire him in the past , may be because we lack the political leader personality in Egypt but through time I discovered he is that he is not honest or honourable as he claimed , unfortunately I discover this too late in the July 2006 Lebanon war.

{To be honest I found through my search in the Internet personal shocking rumours and photos but because I am trying to keep it professional, I will not even hint to it from near or far }

Walid Bek Jonbalt is an example for the Lebanese leaders who are acting on behalf of other countries and interests than the Lebanese general interest , not even for the interest of his Druze sect. This man changed in his political position in the last 20 years more than anyone I recall.

Just look to the known history of this , the public history , what he did in the Lebanese Civil war makes him earn the title of "War Prince" beside his Bek title  , not only he ordered the killing of other Lebanese from other sects and even his own sect who were not with him but he also changed the demographics of the Mount Lebanon forcing thousands of Christian Lebanese people to leave their homes , till now there is the migration problem between the Christian Lebanese and Walid Bek , some Christian Leaders who once were bitter enemies in the past and became allies in the present gave up the Christian rights in compensation.

The Bek became one of the defenders of the Ta'af agreement now despite he did not recognize it in the past and I doubt that he is committed to it now.

The Bek did not give up his arms till now ;his militias last year had clashes with the Talal Arslan at the same time he was speaking about the weaponry of Hezbollah , his militias which now proved to be obsolete in front of Hezbollah's power that they gave up their positions  to the Lebanese were well known to the people at the Mount but no one dared to speak. His latest adventure I think was to order the kidnap and murder of Hezbollah's elements

The Bek was a Syrian ally in the last 20 years then after the problem of the President Lahoud extending  presidential period ,he became an opponent , ok this is not a bad thing but suddenly after 20 years he remembered that his father was killed by the Syrian intelligence and Rafaat Al Assad ; who is currently in the exile and considered as a Syrian regime enemy and traitor !! Why could not you remember your father except now !!??Ironically I found out that he had a meeting with Hafiz Al Assad in Damascus before 40 days passed his assassination  in 1977 !!

He said that he was going to defend Syria if anyone tried to harm her ,  so why now he is giving the United States the Key to enter Damascus , he attacked American for its blind support to the United States and Chanted with the glories and eastern dignity of Nasser yet he met with Condi when the children of the south were killed during the second Israeli invasion !!?? "Despite the fact he called her names in 2003 !!"

He said that he was going to protect the weaponry of the resistance in 2003 by his soul then why he wanted to remove their telecommunication network which is considered one of their logistics now !!??

Not only his statements are contradictory but also his political position and actions send mixed opposite message , he is heading the Socialist Union , from its name you can know it is a socialist party against the American Imperialism still he is an American ally now , he is against Israel but he meets with Israeli personalities in France.

In 2008 he tried to push the country in to a civil war by pushing Hezbollah more and more to the point of no return with false accusation and forcing the government to issue two orders concerning the telecommunications and weaponry  !! 

Believe it or not I respect more people like Dory Chamoun and Amin El-Gemayel because these people are still on their political position as pro-western since their grand parents and their political actions do not send mixed message like this comrade .

This is on the public known level but what about in the secret level , the level which not so many people are familiar with ,Walid Bek is accusing Hezbollah of acting for the Iranian sake despite the fact Hezbollah did not deny its relations with Iran , Walid Bek did not mention up to this moment his relations with the international intelligence secret services.

I began to know about the Bek's relation last year when Dr.Nabil Farouk used to write a specialized page in espionage in weekly El-Dostor, he wrote a story about famous KGB spy who was going to be caught by the CIA in the 1970s or 1980s in Lebanon and hided in the Palace of the Jumbaltts at the Moukhtara till his comrades found a way to escape him , well it made sense then because he is a communist socialist leader like his father , the KGB used to recruit these people especially from the leadership to be their agents in important areas , Lebanese in 1960s and 1970s was a very important active area for the secret services but was strange the revelation Al Manar TV mentioned and what I found in some MB blog in Maktoob.

There is a book published in France on the 28 April 2008 and it is called in French " Liban : les otages des mensonge " {Lebanon : The hostages of the lies} ; the importance of this book is that it was written by Yves Bennot ; the former director of the French Directorate of Territorial Surveillance {Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire} from 1982 t0 1985. This book is about the hidden War between France and the new regime in Iran after the Islamic revolution , France was from the countries that supported Iraq by arms in its war against Iran and in return the Iran launched attacks and hostage taking operation in Lebanon , to save those French citizens the DST launched a serious of complicated operations some of it were successful and some of it were not.

In page 90 in this book  Bennot says it in a crystal clear voice that the DST was given an info from Walid Bek who was minister and also a spy to the French concerning a possible location for the IRG and Hezbollah elements who launched attacked against the French troops in 1982 in Balbak where in the the Sheikh Abd Allah barrack near the city in year 1983 and so the French Air forces made a raid but they did not hit anything because the Iranians knew from a spy in the French Embassy about the coming attack. Bennot in the end of the page says that Walid is an agent from all kinds and he is working for the CIA . This story comes after 25 years and Bennot is not from the opposition.

Amazon.fr: Liban

ISBN: 2749908442
ISBN-13: 9782749908441

This incident of the raid is also mentioned in the Neoconservative Ken Timmerman's book "countdown to the crisis:The coming nuclear showdown with Iran" but without direct names.

Amazon.com: Countdown to Crisis

ISBN: 1400053692
ISBN-13: 9781400053698

The famous Gordan Thomas of Gideon Spies wrote a book called "Secrets and Lies : The history of the CIA mind control and germ warfare" where he mentioned the story of how the CIA managed in the early 1980s to recruit a very important leader from the Druze sect in Lebanon who spied on the Syrians, Hezbollah and the other Foreign embassies in Beirut and gave them smashing info , I think the profile after Bennot's book fits no other than him !! He was a spy for the Russians then to the French and at the same times to the Americans !!?? His dad will be very happy  and proud of his son who spies on his Lebanese and Arab comrades

Amazon.com: Secrets and Lies

ISBN: 1568526849
ISBN-13: 9781568526843

Walid Bek is also so arrogant , he thinks that all his enemies want to see him dead , for sure assassination sometimes is logic end for this kind of personalities and so do not be surprised to find him assassinated one day .

By the way I am not sure from this news but I read that his son Taymour who is living currently in France is somehow on the opposition side and I read his interview with Arab Canada newspaper where he calls his father to quit the leadership of the Druze ,again I am not sure from the accuracy of this .

Sometimes I believe that Kamal Jumblatt was better than his son on all levels and that the son is trying to occupy his void and he failed thus he tried to become that leader in his point of view. It is sad because later generations will come and will not know how good was Kamal Jumblatt but they will know how bad his son was.

Here is a slide show  about the life of Walid Jumblatt , there are some rare photos with his late father

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