Egyptian Chronicles: Mona El-Shazely in D.C : Envy or hate

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mona El-Shazely in D.C : Envy or hate

Mona El-Shazely ,my favourite TV host in the Egyptian TV channels p12_20061229_culture4 made a huge success when she surprised everyone and travelled to the U.S to Washington in order to have an interview with G.W Bush

Yes for the first time in the history of the Egyptian TV channels the American President appears in interview with an Egyptian TV host.                              Mona El-Shazely

I know it is G.W Bush , the most hated American President in the middle East and Islamic world and I know very well it is the last attempt to come closer to the Arab people especially Egyptians "Dream TV viewers are mostly Egyptians"  still I am happy for Mona regardless what is said because if I were her place I would be happy and consider this some success in my career from the journalistic point of view regardless of what I believe and think about this administration.

FYI Mona and her crew were chosen among the Egyptian channels by the American Embassy in Cairo to have this important interview ,she was invited it.

Mona made two important interviews with the former American Ambassador in Egypt Done especially his last one where he spoke Arabia and tried to leave a good impression in the Egyptian society. The Americans are very smart because they chose the most popular TV shows in Egypt and the most popular and closet to the heart TV host to the Egyptians.

The American administration is not dump to choose her and her program , they got the biggest Embassy in the world in Cairo and they know very well what is popular or not . They chose her and her TV show because they know that people believe her more than other TV personality , people believe her show more than any TV show , the American administration is trying to send a direct message to the people without depending on the regime which they know very well that the people dislike and disbelieve , Bush will not appear with Tamer Amin or Amr Adib or Moataz , he does not another reason to make the people hate him !!

They are smart to choose her TV show because her TV show is considered by many Egyptians are some how a free zone to speak freely as they want against the government. You will surprised that Mona is attacked by the regime media frequently , because of her coverage to the torture cases she was accused to be police hater. because of hosting opposition leaders and giving some part of the truth of what is happening in Egypt she was accused of being a member in the anarchist party "The unofficial party that works against the regime , other members are Al Dostor newspaper, the bloggers and the new Facebook generations"

The last thing I read about her as an attack before today's "the topic of this post" was that her TV show is funded and edited by the MB ,despite the fact that the Owner of Dream TV channel is Dr. Ahmed Bahget the NDPian.

I know that her TV show is just another vent permitted the regime and there are some red lines she should not cross but she won by her sweet smile and Egyptian look the hearts and minds of Egyptians , the ratings show this and the annual surveys that made her earn the title best TV host of the year for successive years .

Mona El-Shazely today was a subject to disrespectful unprofessional attack by the Goumharia daily  chief in editor "I do not know his name and I do not care to know , he is appointed by the regime after all" accusing her to be an agent for the Americans because of her exclusive interview !! A whole column in the last page from the beginning till the end , it was too provoking from previous attacks and accusations because in the previous attacks as I said she was a member from anarchist party but now she is working for the American administration ?? I felt so angry for her when I read and I wonder what her reaction will be ??

Strangely this Mr. Chief in editor who always got a ticket in the Egypt Air force one did not mention that his regime is working for the American administration and it is doing its orders for 27 years like a good servant

I love Mona El-Shazely seriously since her days in ART and I know that she is from the best TV hosts for Egypt and I think it is unacceptable to attack her in that disgusting way

Go Mona Go !!

It is envy  and hate

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  1. Hello, Zeinobia!
    I loved this post.
    Have a nice week

  2. @Mr. David, thank you so much sir , have a nice week too :)


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