Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not for this reason

News reports are saying that Egypt ,the official Egypt did not receive or welcome Bush as it expected , Mubarak who is staying did not receive Bush warmly even he did not appear , well he made his press attack Bush and strangely outside they take our official press so serious , may be because it is the official spokesperson of the regime.

On Friday the Al Ahram newspaper in its weekly edition opened its fire on Bush for its silly speech in Knesset , strangely this speech brought to him too much criticism , whether from inside America "the democrats" or from outside mainly from America's allies in the region from the Arabs.

To be honest I do not give a damn for Bush Knesset's speech , because I know he would kiss Israel's ass sincerely and he would use this biblical language as a faithful Christian Zionist , no doubt in it.

For your information Cairo is not angry from Bush for this reason because its President already congratulated Shimon Perez for 60th anniversary of Israel founding according to some Israeli website and till now there is no official denial for this in the official media !!

So why is Sharm El-Sheikh showing its cold face to Bush ??

Because Bush slammed the Egyptian regime and Mubarak for Democracy last Tuesday on Dream TV 10

Here is a little reminder

It is not about Israel , it does not make sense when you export gas to them for the cheapest prices ever !!


  1. Just a silly speech. A dog parking silly. And the cowards welcome him in S. Arabia and Egypt. They can't even play sick.

    I doubt, however, that Mubarak is stupid enough to congratulate Israel on the 60 anniversery of displacing the Palestinians. Even Sadat, with all his arrogance, wouldn't do that. Or may be he would. He loved to be praised by everything Zionist!

  2. @amr , do not be so sure , is not his friend Hussein Salam,the one who sells our gas to the Israelis !!??

  3. Disgusting hypocratic speech by Bush at Sharm Sheikh and a true honest speech by Bush at the Kennest.

    Immediately after his speech at the Kennest , he goes to Saudia Arabia requesting an increase in the Oil production. Not another sword dance in Saudia Arabia but a state of denial show at Sharm Sheikh. He is hoping for a Palestinian State by the end of the year!!

  4. It is not about Israel , it does not make sense when you export gas to them for the cheapest prices ever !!
    Gas for the Jews, again?

  5. Unfortunately, selling oil and gas to Israel, as well as keeping all Sinai naked and defenseless , are all embedded in the Camp David Accord signed by Sadat and Begin and cosigned by Carter. Of course, the whores who currently rule Egypt (and for this matter,
    all Arab countries) don't have to go beyond implementing this accord. Israel never did and are acting brutally by the day. The US never did their part too, and are supplying the Israelis by all means to slaughter more Palestinians and to steal more of their land.

  6. Note that nothing GW Bush is saying (to Mona or to any other) will have any impact on what happens in Egypt, or in any other Arab (or non-Arab) country. His words are getting worthless by the day, and even HE knows it. His approval is now about 20%, the lowest in US history, and everyone in these 20% is an idiot, creep, or lunatic.

  7. @Dr.Izzat,Bush is an idiot ,he is trying to make something before leaving the office , but it is too late
    he is too dump

    @Mberenis, thanks dear for add , it seems that an interesting directory

    @ Amr , I know that you hate Sadat so much but the export of Gas did not happen in his time , we stop blaming the past and start to blame the present , Mubarak ruled this country for 27 years so I think now it is time to make him accountable for what he had done during that time
    and please do not tell me he follows Sadat , Mubarak is nothing like Sadat

    @internation Musing , Pardon me but I did not get what you want to say

  8. Although I admire Sadat very much, I am told he was also corrupt with finances. What do you know about this Z?

  9. @Sam, well it started at his time with the open door policies and it is expected thing because already there was a corruption of the ruling party before that , I believe that the corruption of the business men started at his time ,still it was not like now by all ways
    still it was the beginning of corruption


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