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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

World environment day

we forgot about this important day in Egypt , originally it is on the 5th of June according to the UN but of course you may know that from this blog that many Egyptians associate this day with our worst military defeat in the modern history.

Nevertheless it is not too late to celebrate especially that for the first time in Egypt we feel that people the real people began to have great awareness about environment.

Thanks to Agrium , seriously those greedy businessmen Canadians opened the Egyptian people’s eyes especially in the Governates on the hazards of industrial and chemical factories.Now Agrium is stuck in Damietta and can’t go anywhere and has nothing to do except in my humble opinion to close the factory and move back home. Already all the Governates are refusing to host this factory.

There are another two Agrium alike cases, may be there are not under the spot light like Damitta’s Agrium for now but they will sooner or later. The first is a factory owned by an Indian Company , this factory is in Kafr El-Shekih and produces huge amount of carbon. The second one is an Oil refinery in Qalyubia in Mustoard owned by Egyptian-Gulf Capital company “Citadel”. The second factory is still under construction . To tell you the truth I do not know what an oil refinery does in this location ,there is no Sea there. It turned out the factory is too close to the residential locations including schools !!??

People now in Egypt began to fear on the health of their children and their future before their own health.

This is a great progress.

What is wonderful about that it is from the people themselves , without any involvement of any political or civil group ,also it gave people courage to express themselves in more open way.

What is happening in Damietta is so great and historical.

By the way I should remark that this year El-Korba street in Misr El-Gadida ,which is few blocks away from the Presidential palace of Mubarak will be free from Cars from 10 AM to 10 PM every Friday according to the Governor of Cairo. It is a great decision ,but I wish that the Governor imposes this decision on the rest of Cairo on that day .

Last Friday I had to go down town near the AUC about 9 AM and I could not believe how pure the air was down town then , it was like the North Coast.

I wish that in Egypt people stop spitting in the streets , I wish that they stop throwing rubbish in the streets.

I wish that people pay attention to the Nile pollution , all those factories that dump its wastes in the Nile , not only the factories or hotels but also the people who dump their wastes in the cities before the countryside.

Blast from the past :

A Shot from Zamalak from last year

aggression on the NileThe Nile invadersA Scene from the Nile Shore in Zamalakin Zamalak !!??

I wish that green Awareness continues because we need it .

We can change many things if we want , but we first we must start with ourselves.

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