Monday, July 28, 2008

Egypt denies banning 'brink of revolution' book

It is ok to have the Brink of Revolution inside Egypt according to the information minister Anas El-Faky !! As long as there is not no attack on religion or any other taboo ,it will not be banned even if it is speaking about politics and a possible revolution on Mubarak’s dictatorship rule !! We are democratic country after all !!

Oh man I could not believe that IT and Internet revolution that made the banning news reach to hundreds of news Websites  leading to more noise to the Egyptian Government,Can make this regime embarrassed in front of the civilized world.

It is bad publicity for the country plus no need to find some South African reporter asking the President an embarrassing question about the matter  in his historical visit to South Africa !!

Already who reads English in Egypt and have access to the American University library where it is sold !!??

Anyhow I think it is interesting to know that this news was on all most every front page in today’s official national newspapers.

The more interesting that they showed only part of the title , you can say the first half “Inside Egypt”

Of course there are some journalists like in Pro-regime Rosa Al Youssef who attacked Bradley and underestimating saying that he made his book based on the opposition newspapers in Egypt !!So lame

Egypt denies banning 'brink of revolution' book - Yahoo! News

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