Egyptian Chronicles: Siemens business scandal

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Siemens business scandal

Siemens ,the German telecommunication is facing a huge financial scandal. It turned out that this scandal could the largest Corporate bribes for business for ever in the world. Oh yes Siemens used to bribe officials from around the world  in order to build the telecommunication infrastructure in their countries.

It is a very big scandal and currently Siemens and its executives are standing in front of the court in Germany.

Reinhard Siekaczek , former executive was the first ex-employee to Reinhard Siekaczek go on trial , what he said in front of the court according to international press can pave the way to question other high rank managers in the giant company.

The man described in details what he was doing in order to win bids and contracts from giving multi millions bribes in Countries whether in the third world or the first world “The U.S was included and this is why the American press is covering the trial”.

The examples he gave were : Vietnam, Indonesia , Greece, U.S,Saudi Arabia and .. Egypt .

Oh Yes our Egypt , Siemens AG has bribed our officials , of course I am not surprised nor my Egyptian readers are surprised , we are all know that multi-national companies bribe third world countries to win bids and contracts and get facilities.

But what surprises me is the total ignore to this case in the media.

In respectable countries , there should be an independent investigation led by the General prosecutor and supervised by the Parliament .

Bribery is an act criminalized by the Egyptian law and thus in a perfect world every person whether small employee or minister who took one single penny from Siemens in this scandal should be punished.

Again this is in a Perfect world.

I do not know why I remember the famous Egyptian Proverb.

“Oh Departed one , your scandals are too many"


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  1. You shouldn't be surprised, since bribery is ebmeded in the Egyptian culture primarely since the so called revolution. For your amusement: There was a high level employee in the ministry of food supply (Tamween) who was charged for large scale steeling (during Nasser/Amer time), in the preliminary phase of his trial he threatened to spill the beans about high level names (rummored to be Amer), the judge then wanted the case to continue.. two days later the judge committed suside throwing himself from his two story Villa(!!??) (sounds familiar?). In very short time afterward the case disappeared from the court. As I mentioned above "it's in our culture" including Balcony conclusions to embarassing events..THE END

  2. My dear anonymous , why examples from faraway time , recently you got the Hany Sorror blood scandal and the enigmatic death of Judge El-Ashamawy.
    My dear because it takes place from long time does not mean we should give exposing these scandals
    I know for sure that the cabinet is following the scandal very well and waiting if this man or others will spell the beans and they will so they can out with justifications
    we should not give up at all

  3. Zeinobia;I understand it's a long time, but the root cause is that deep. They assume the masses are ignorant, and every little problem can be solved through a balcony scenario. unfortunately, the masses appeared to be compliantly ignorant. Otherwise how can you explain Souad Houssney, Ashraf Marwan, ..etc. It's a tactic followed by so called Egyptian intelegence aslong the population are sleep, ignorant or both. Wait and see another balcony story is in planning stage. Something else, all this balcony stories happened with the blessing of the Western inteligence and the Mossad. God help this generation by openning their minds.

  4. @anonymous , the balconies deaths you mentioned are not related to bribes and administrative corruption , they are related to other stuff
    and by the way the GIE is not the only intelligence in the world that use the elimination
    Check the history of the U.S , the French Intelligence and the British Intelligence
    it is not a defense they do not need it but because I am from that generation that opens it mind

  5. The corruption increased in egypt lately because of horrible government who led good people to be criminal and keep themselves out of jail but in the fact the government should be changed and send themaekves and admit their crimes by going to prison to clean egypt from el khawana........Allah wahed and god is watching


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