Egyptian Chronicles: I do not buy this anthrax wrap up easily !!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I do not buy this anthrax wrap up easily !!

Do you remember the famous anthrax letters attack that added more fuel to the fire after the 9/11 in the world ??

At the beginning the fingers of accusations were pointed to Al-Dr.Ayaad Assaad Qaida ,Muslims and Arabs , it was something logic due to 9/11 events. It was in no time when the FBI began to suspect Egyptian scientist Ayaad Assaad who worked at Fort Derick and left after being discriminated by his co-scientists,he was not an anthrax scientist and did not have access to it , but he fitted the profile of the FBI : Arab with a motive of hate.

Then the FBI began to suspect Steven Hatfill who turned to be innocent and sued the government and got Millions.

Then the investigation reached to Dr.Bruce Ivins, according to the FBI investigation he was behind the deadly attack that killed 5 people in 2001. After all those years since the FBI began to suspect the scientist that worked in military biological facility ,they were too close from arresting him officially. Yes all those year they were building a case against him !!  When he had felt that they were going to arrest ,he decided to kill himself and thus the Case was closed !!

His lawyers and friends are denying that he was behind the attacks despite now he turned to be a mentally sick person whose Dr.Jean Carol Duley , his therapist was concerned that he may kill himself and kill others , already I do not know why she did not report him and please do not tell about the confidentiality thing because this woman for sure knew that he is working in very dangerous field. I do not know I feel that there is more , why all those years then suddenly he committed suicide after his anthrax rampage !!

I know that serial killers can kill many people and live for years normally among others , but I do not know , may be it is because the nature of the case as a biological attack and how the Arabs and Egyptians were suspected just because they are Arabs and Muslims.I do not know ,the way he killed him and how fast the FBI stated that he acted solo makes me feel there is something missing.

Days will tell that he may not be alone , may be someone used his medical condition,may be he was a scapegoat .

I just do not buy it .

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  1. Got to love conspiracy theorists!

  2. Annon:
    Why when we show "questionng attitude" towards the official news covering sensitive issue, you always hear the term" conspiracy theorists!!"?. OK, I have question myself, how come a recognized metally ill person(by his peers, Doctor,..etc) is kept working in a highly sensitive job like his??? Don't they have a standard, policy for workers in such a highly sensitive field?? Now I am conspiracy promoter!!?

  3. @anonymous , there is no smoke without fire dear

    @anonymous#2, I swear this is what I am trying to say , seriously how an ill person like this work in a highly sensitive job like this ??

  4. Your "Dr. Jean Carol Duley" is neither a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, nor social worker. She is a supervised addictions counselor. She is an entry level trainee, with a long history of alcohol and drug abuse. She was under monitored house arrest from April 24, 2008 until July 23, 2008 for her latest dui conviction on December 23, 2007. By her own admission, the FBI prodded her to apply for a protection order, the day after her release from house arrest, over a week after Dr. Ivins had been released from Shepard Pratt.

    Her claims in this application for a 'peace order' are non-adversarial hearsay statements about Ivins mental condition. Yet, virtually all media is reporting her statements as court documented facts. Your embellishment of her authority to that of a "Dr.", further obscures the truth.

    Also, what gives you the idea that she did not report him? In fact, she contacted the local police department on July 10, 2008. They went to Ivins workplace, took him into custody, placed him into Frederick Memorial Hospital for psych eval, and as a result, Ivins was for the first time banned from Ft. Detrick.

  5. On reading my post, I feel that I have to apologize. By no means did I intend to be negative about your wonderful post. I agree with your entire premise, I just wanted to straighten out some details, not negate anything substantial that you said.

    There is a reason that the FBI interviewed Assaad so quickly. The Camel Club that viciously pursued their racist agenda against him, is likely the perpetrator of the infamous Quantico letter. Who else would have an agenda to implicate Assaad? Given that this letter was mailed after the first anthrax mailing, but before the first anthrax casualty, there is implied culpability in the attack itself. [For background, the Quantico letter specifically accuses Assaad of a pending bio-attack.]

    This is (as is all of the evidence against Ivins) just circumstantial, but it is at least noteworthy that it attempted to implicate the Middle East, as did the attack letters themselves, as did the Bush administration, and as did ABC news. It also foretold the actual attack.

    The FBI ignored this prescience in favor of portraying Ivins' Sept 26 email as a telling sign of his guilt. Ivins said in that email that he had just learned that day that Al Queda now possessed anthrax and sarin, and decreed death to all Jews and Americans. The FBI claims that this was just days before the anthrax attacks and it was "language similar to that in the anthrax letters". The only problem is that this email actually occurred over a week AFTER the first attack letters were mailed. Can't the FBI even read a calender?

  6. @Mogur , please do not apologize first of all thanks for this information ,it is really interesting , I call Carol a Doctor because this is what I found about her in the media, in fact what you said goes what I am saying that there is something not that straight , yes he could have been sick but there is something here that is not obvious at least this is what Irvin's lawyer and friends are saying
    dates always expose mistakes
    I really thank because this added to the case
    of course added to it more questions
    we have in Egypt a proverb which says the expensive news tomorrow will be free , it means that we will know those secrets in the end , hopefully the end will be sooner not later

  7. There is definitely an unanswered question about the Quantico Letter.


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