Egyptian Chronicles: Mohamed El-Erian

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mohamed El-Erian

First of all thanks to my dear friend Hazem that introduced me to this very interesting character we do not know anything about it despite we should .

Mohamed El-Erian is widely respected financial analyst and business man , he is from an Egyptian origin and currently he is the co-CEO of PIMCO, the world’s largest bond investor company. Born in 1959 to 101405_El-Erian_M_014.cr2 Egyptian emigrants , El-Erian studied Economics and took his B.A from Cambridge University then he took his Master and PHD from Oxford University .Dr.El-Erian is married from a lawyer called “Jamie” and got one daughter called Samia.

El-Erian published a book called “When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change” in May 2008 and you can’t believe the editorial reviews it received from very big names in the world of economics including Nobel Prize winner in Economics in year 2001 Michael Spence. This book is New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller book by the way and it is the Amazon #106 best selling book. When Markets Collide

ISBN: 0071592814
ISBN-13: 9780071592819

Charlie Rose hosted him last month to speak about the American Economy.

This is someone we should be all proud of.Already I wonder why the economic press in Egypt does not speak about him !!

Here is the video you can watch El-Erian speaking with Rose

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  1. Mr. El Erian is very intelligent and able. When I learn that he will speak on TV, I try to listen. I assume that he is Muslim because of his name. I wish that he and others like him would make positive statements about peace and tolerance and/or negative opinions about those who choose a life of violence and killing.

  2. Mr. Mohamed El Erian is a pioneer in the financial markets. I would encourage the future elected government in Egypt to seek the help of Mr. El Erian as an economic advisor.

    Mohamed Ammar
    Director of Finance


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