Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Devil advocates

Being a lawyer is not an easy job , in fact it is one of the hardest job ever , it is either can send to heaven or hell , it will either keep as a human or turn in to a demon , but it will never turn you in to angel for sure.

Last week the Egyptian viewers were shocked and were provoked by the lawyers of Mamdouh Ismail and co. who appeared on the TV Channels too happy with the innocence of their defendants with no respect to the people’s feeling!!

It is no surprise to me to find the Mamdouh Ismail and Co.lawyers list include many of the devil advocates in Egypt among them Gamil Assad who once defended and is still defending Islam Nabieh. Still the lawyer who topped him to earn the hate of the public this time was the lawyer who is representing Mamdouh Ismail directly : Dr. Mahmoud Hamouda.

This guy proved to be one of the most provoking characters ever , it is not about to defend someone , it is about how.

I do not know if he is related to Adel Hamouda, the famous journalist or not , they share the same provoking personality.

Mahmoud Hamouda attacked the media and accused it to influence n589482813_1535980_3621 the public opinion , as the public opinion needs someone to influence its opinion when 1035 die like that !!?

He accused the media ,he accused the public ,he accused indirectly the families of the victims and he even accused the parliamentary investigation committee to be biased against Mamdouh Ismail !!??

For Two successive days this person appeared on Dream TV’s 10 PM to defend his client in a cold blood. Mona El-Shazely proved to be 100% Egyptian woman who gave him indirect cold shower he deserved it.

Here is his second appearance in the show , it is in Arabic

Did you see what I mean ??

By the way this is just a start in a series of posts about the scandal of the Salam 98 ferry ,sorry about the catastrophe of Salam 98 ferry !!


  1. although it's a big scandal but i think that memdouh esmail is not guilty and the law confirmed it . and i agree with the lawyer that the media affected the public opinion in a very bad way .

  2. @anonymous,the general prosecution applied to the court against this rule.With my all respect who brought these old ferries expired according to the Egyptian Maritime and navigation laws ?? Who did not inform the authorities in time that his ferry was sinking ??
    The media did not affect the public opinion , the public opinion is not naive


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