Egyptian Chronicles: Obama’s vice

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama’s vice

Joe Biden was chosen to be Obama’s vice in the elections. To know Joe Biden 1more about Joe Biden , check his page in Wikipedia. I think Obama  and his party chose the Senator from Delaware to attract the White middle and working classes. It is a smart move.

Unfortunately I do not like Biden so much because he is with the crazy idea to divide Iraq based on religion and ethnics ,yes turning it to hundred pieces !!

I just want to ask how Iraq used to live all that time in piece before the Americans and I am not speaking about the Saddam era but beyond it.


On the other hand in the other camp there is a talk that McCain will Barack Obama on the time choose Mitt Romney as vice , it is not yet confirmed but it was leaked to the Time magazine. Also Joseph Liberman’s name is circulating too.  McCain was under fire lately because of the number of his houses in which he can’t remember !!

By the way here is another nice photo gallery for Obama’s family in

Also there is a nice historical slideshow if you want to learn more about the United States history concerning its worst vice presidents.

I should seize this opportunity and remind you that in the last 26 years we have not got a Vice President ,Mubarak has not chosen one yet after all those years !!

Image source : Time magazine and Getty images

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