Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Officially it turned an Egyptian X-File

Susan Tamim's murder was considered an Arabic X-File due to the fact that the victim was Arab and the murder took place in an another Arab country and the suspected murderers are from other Arab country "Egypt"
But now it turned in to an Egyptian X-File , with the sudden death of the first suspect "Mohesn El-Sokary" The Head of security of Four season resort Sharm El-Sheikh , which is partially owned by Hisham Talaat Mustafa
I found the news through the internet but nothing in the press thanks to the Publication ban.
Mohesn ,who is a retired police officer is said to be dead from a heart attack , suddenly !!
It is worth to say that the Egyptian prosecutors were afraid that he may commit suicide , or rather he might be killed before transferring him to Dubai.
Now it is an Egyptian X-File.
Yes you do not need to guess that he did not die from natural reasons and you do not need to guess that who was behind his sudden death "despite I think it is a stupid thing to do it because now in the people's eyes he is more convicted then before"
Update : He is alive ,Mohesn is not dead yet !! This is according to Gulf News.
Gulf News even dedicated a whole section to Tamim's murder to its English readers  ,it seems that there was no interesting Murders in Dubai before this !!

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