Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shut up and rule

I really wish that Ahmed Nazif ,our smart prime minister to shut his mouth and do his job as he should without attacking the people and provoke them with useless statements.
Seriously this guy need to respect the people.He does not show any respect to them what so ever
The examples are many like what he said in the Agrium's crisis regarding the people of Damietta and ironically days later they announced that Agrium would leave Damietta
Also lately when he commented on the public anger that the Fuel Octane 80 was suddenly disappeared from the fuel stations leaving the people with no other options except Octane 90 and 92 , which are more expensive .
Do not tell me to speak politely about him because he does not speak politely with the people.
and yes it turned out that he was the one that commented in the leftist blog despite I believe someone from his assistants did

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