Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Really after all this fuss ??

They got to be kidding because the documentary that is causing all that nearly destroyed the Egyptian-Iranian relations according to the Iranian officials was originally Al-Jazeera documentary !!?

Yes the one I posted as the Iranian documentary , sorry it turned according to what I posted before the Iranian documentary !!??

So we are dump enough in Egypt to believe it was Iranian but what about the production company that claimed it was Iranian !??

Did they take Al-Jazeera permission to air and distribute using their own logo ,because this means that they stole content from Al Jazeera and this is against the copyrights laws as far as I know ??

But if Al Jazeera knows and is ok with ,then it is more trouble for Al Jazeera.


  1. Totally unrelated but check out this update about Agrium...


  2. yeah ,the good news of yesterday I was going to write attacking Agrium soban Allah , already last week its executive manager in Egypt resigned ,it was an important indicator


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