Egyptian Chronicles: Flickr censors Arabawy photos for no good reason

Friday, November 7, 2008

Flickr censors Arabawy photos for no good reason

Dear Arabawy was one of the people who used to promote Flickr in the Egyptian blogsphere. His account in Flickr is like a photographical archive for the political activism movement in Egypt also in Palestine and the labour movement in the world but it seems to the Flickr moderators and administrators he should not have used to Flickr for this.

Hossam found some of his collections are not available for public view but rather to friends and contacts view for no good reason !!

Read please the story From Hossam from the beginning , also please read this post and if you have time and you believe in his cause please this hot discussion in Flickr forum

Now we can do something to help Hossam restore his account and his sets as it used to be, we can send an email to the Flickr team “” saying the following :

Dear Sir,
I voice my opposition to your decision to censor Hossam el-Hamalawy’s account.

I do not know why Flickr would such thing but again it is no surprsie you remember what happened to Wael Abbas’ accounts in Youtube and lately in the Facebook !!??

Before anyone speaks about the copyrights ,Hossam was keen to mention the photographers who willingly gave him the photos from protests and other events , he mentioned their names in the caption. Some are saying that Flickr acted upon receiving complains !! Complains from whom exactly !!??

Flickr was once called by Al Dostor an opposition Website by the way.

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  1. Thanks for the solidarity Z...

  2. this is the least thing I can do Hossam :)


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