Monday, November 3, 2008

One day

Tomorrow all the world will watch American voters electing their president ,the leader of the free world. The Egyptian Press has nothing to speak about internationally expect the elections as if they realized recently there are elections in the States. Comparisons and Profiles with analysis full of expectations that we already know. Obama is the wining black horse despite the fears widely expressed that despite what it seems that he will win in a historical victory ,something in the last moment can happen and we will find the Maverick McCain as the President in the White House.
Mustafa Sharady , the MP from Port Said and the journalist who is now in the States as a watcher and the former Mubarak's Foreign affairs adviser and current MP Ambassador Mustafa El-Fakay believe so.
By the way it is not only Obama-McCain race because there is also Nader , Yes Ralph Nader is participating in this race too but of course no one is paying any attention to him despite the fear that he may take some democratic votes or independent votes like in the Previous elections and thus he may help indirectly the republicans.
I like Ralph Nader and I think he is better than Obama and McCain and it is not about his Arabic roots but let's be realistic the Political system in America does not give a chance to Nader and independent politicians like him especially with his political views to reach to presidency , come on Ron Paul is a Republican and look what happened to him !!
But this man does not lose hope and this is something I respected about him.
Now Nader and his campaign are targeting the Arab American population especially with being caught under the fire of the Republicans and Democrats not to mention the bias of both candidates bias to Israel still the campaign of Nader is using wrong ways to reach for the Arab American population , watch this ad and you will know what I know :

What is this character ?? Strangely the one who made is an Arab American for the Arab Americans !!??
My dear American readers who will vote tomorrow whether an Arab or non Arab , that is your country and you know it better than all of us , choose who will really serve for your country in its best interest , my dear American Voter I do not have anything to you expect DON'T VOTE REPUBLICAN

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