Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Own Arabic Male Version Amy Winehouse

George Wassouf the famous Lebanon Syrian singer was caught in Sweden for drug possession in Sweden , he was reported to be  caught with 30 g of Cocaine. The singer was going to sing in the inauguration of a big Lebanese restaurant at Stockholm. Already he was released today by a bail. Wassouf who got about 30 Wassoufsuccessful albums and started to sing in Syria and Lebanon since he was a teenager is a well known addict ,he is just the older male version of Amy Winehouse. It is enough to hear his voice to know that he is an addict. Since my childhood I have never loved the voice of George Wassouf , his voice is not as stronger or clear as the other Lebanese or Syrian singers but rather sad and depressing. I have not known till now why many people love his voice and call him the “Sultan of Tarab”.

Already I do not know when this man will stop his nasty habit ,just like Winehouse he collapses and enters the hospitals then he recovers than he collapses again !!He should enter a real rehab because his fans deserve more respect , seriously I may dislike him but he got huge fan base not to mention some people may consider him as an idol , a fallen idol.

It is pathetic thing because I saw a very rare recording to Wassouf when he was a teenager not more than 15 years old singing in Syria and his voice was better thousands times than now. For sure he is responsible for what happened and is happening to him but also those who surround him are responsible for his fall ,sometimes intervention is important.

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