Thursday, November 6, 2008

Breaking News : A fire in the Al Ghad party HQ

Via Noura Yunis , The Al Ghad Party HQ was completely burnt down at Al Tahrir after a high level meeting !!??
Al Ghad Liberal party is the opposition party of Dr. Ayman Nour who is currently in Jail for charges no one is convinced with.
There was a fight between the leaderships of the party on whom shall head it.
Wait for More Coverage
Updates No.1: 
  • According to Abn Masr Citizen Journalism website ,the fire started as a result of a fight between the followers of Ayman Nour and the followers of Moussa , Nour's rival who wants to head the party. Moussa is with the regime by the way.
  • 4 persons is reportedly injured after it was one.
  • Gamila Ismail is currently there.
  • The fire did not extend to the famous Grouby cafe next door "Thank Goodness it is historical"
  • According to the eye witnesses the one who started the fire were the Moussa followers aka the Moussa Front. 
  • Nour's followers are protesting against Mubarak and the regime.
  • Moussa's followers are protesting against Nour and are swearing that they are die for Muabrak !!!???
Updates No.2 :
  • Here are some images from AFP showing the thugs of Moussa setting the place on fire.

Updates No.3
  • They put down the fire.
  • Here is the a Photo for the building after the fire from Ahmed Abd El-Fatah
Updates No.4: 
  • Several members from Ayman Nour front including Gamila Ismail and the current head of the party Ayman El-Kholly were arrested for destroying the party and the shops around it !!??
  • It sounds that tonight will be one hell of night.
  • This is a rewind for what happened to Al Wafd Party if you can recall it from couple of years.
Updates No.5 :
  • It is now 12:52 AM and the leaderships and the members of Al Gad Party were released !!


  1. Never even heard about this fire and I spend time in downtown Cairo. Groppi needs to be renovated and updated from within 2 attract actual business.

    Weird how u can be in Egypt and have no idea what is going on in the country. I know about what is happening in Egypt than my Egyptian friends and family thanks 2 ur blog. V. strange indeed.

  2. @N.American Princess ,I know the owners of Groppi now , I wish they are renovate but keep its old classic glory ,just like trianon in Alexandria
    Do not be surprised dear some news in Egypt do not reach to the people and here comes our role

  3. if you would like more detail on all of this, wa'el nawara has a blog, and he's been talking about the fire.

    he suggests that the issue of dissention within the party is something that is as much government-created as it is a practical reality within the party

    here's the link:

    just to add to the conversation, here's an additional link from the el badeel newspaper that shows some of the same a picture of the same individual (presumably an iss agent) that was escorting moussa, lighting the fire--and apparenly trying to stop a firefighter from doing his job.


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