Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama's Cabinet Predictions

The Huffington post published a very interesting report about the possible faces we may see in the Barack Obama's cabinet.Some of the names are surprising ,some are not , I see Caroline Kennedy for the first time  engaged in Politics .I wish that she would be the Ambassador of the U.S in UK or the secretary of education because for the sake of her father and mother she should not be the U.S Envoy to the UN , the position which usually hated and attacked widely in the World especially in our region.It is strange because all people expected that her late brother would play a political role not her. Her endorsement for sure paid off ,after all now many people Consider Obama as the Black Kennedy.
Caroline is not the only Kennedy expected to be in the Cabinet , her cousin Robert is expected to be Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency.
Rahm Emanuel, the Israeli origin and the son of a Zionist Israeli terrorist group is widely going  to be the chief of Staff at the White House, a blow to all those who put hopes on Obama but that man was always since the rally  It is not the first time for Emanuel to work in the White House because he used to be there in the Clinton's cabinet.
Strangely no one brought his father connection with the Irgun ,the infamous group that did the terrible Massacre of Deir Yassin Negatively in the rally!!
Among the faces that returned back to the media is John Kerry who is expected to be the secretary of State. Colin Powell now is nominated to return back to the defense ministry.
You know I like the people who do not waste their time ,it is good to see his cabinet now in order to know who we are going to deal with starting from next year


  1. the Israeli origin and the son of a Zionist Israeli terrorist group is widely going to be the chief of Staff at the White House

    yes he is a devout jew who is no stranger to the white house. he is not israeli he was born in chicago, and that is no reason to jump to conclusions. please wait and see before calling someone biased!

    btw powell is up for sec education not def! obama will keep bob gates

  2. @anonymous , now he is officially the chief of staff at the white House, I will wait and see
    Obama will keep Bobby !!?? then what Change he is speaking about ??


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