Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sexual Harassment Alert

I read today a very disturbing story in the Weekly Wafd edition. A Woman was sexually harassed  by a police officer and now is being threatened by entering the jail along with her sick mother. I wish that human rights and civil society organizations investigate the matter and stand with this poor lady who did nothing except defending herself.

Riham Abd Motlb “31 yrs” accused captain Sharif El-Alfi of Rihamlharassing her sexually. Of Course I forget to say that Sharif is the nephew of the former interior minister  Hassan El-Alfi  and is the son of a police general , this is beside he is a police officer in the first place which means that any Police station will think twice before reporting on him. This is what happened.

You see what it started as a small disagreement between Riham and a policeman on the traffic fine in her car ended by Sharif sexually harassing her. Her mom who was with her screamed when she saw that awful scene. The reaction of captain was to push the old woman and to call her dirty names !! of course I forget to tell you that Sharif promised that he would not leave Riham except in jail !!

Because of this Riham decided to take her right back through the law , she called “112*”,she told them what happened , the other police officer whom as soon as he knew that the other party was a Police officer , highly connected police officer recommended her to end the matter peacefully and that he could not help her !! She went to the Police Station to report him to find him that he reported her thanks to his buddies who delayed her there!! He accused her and her mother of assaulting him , Riham is only 60 KG and her mother is a sick woman !! During that time Riham ID was taken from her, she called her lawyer and he warned her of some plot against her . She headed immediately to the Giza security Directorate to report the incident. Strangely she was received well and high ranked officer told her to go and report the incident again in the Police station. She went but she could not complete her report because Sharif came and told his buddy the Sheriff of the Police station to put her in the jail. She and her mother spent the night at jail !!

Next morning she went to the attorney general where she said her version of the story and from there she went to the State Security along with her old sick woman.

Guys try to connect the journalist who wrote this report and interviewed Riham to get her details

Please someone help this innocent woman and her mother.Already this is not a sexual harassment case only !!

*112 is the 911 in Egypt


  1. That is truly disturbing! What a shame.

  2. Honestly she is stupid. Egypt is a country run by the police. What exactly did he do that constituted sexual harassment and in public at that.

    What was she expecting? Does she think she lives in the USA? Sexual harassment is part of Egyptian culture. Even the tourists are warned to expect it. Sexually repressed men, overpopulation and it's just become a way of life there. Whether you are wrapped up head to toe or not, if you have boobs and a butt you are a potential target for sexual innuendos, gestures, comments, groping etc. This is Egypt. She should know this and know that if she is nobody but she is dealing with Somebody she should do her best to get out of the situation as best she can. Egyptian women are aggressive, she should have figured out what the end of this story would be. Did she honestly think she was going to teach a "connected man in power" a lesson? Give me a break!

  3. Egypt is getting more and more screwed up each day, girls are ending up being faulted when they're sexually abused or raped! rather than people trying to help victims of such awful crimes

    she needs hard evidence proof to go on with her case or either she'll end up in jail

  4. @anonymous, yes it is a true shame.

    @anonymous#2,no dear she is not a stupid , was Noha Rushdi stupid ?? she did not give up her right and insh Allah she will take it back
    This is the fear point of view , we will not change anything in this country by this way.

    @anonymous#3,indeed she needs hard evidence I think they should search in his records ,this type of officers always has bad records of similar incident, this was not for the first time for sure

  5. @ your feedback to anonymous #2...
    Yes, we wont change anything if we keep on this negative-submissive attitude!!
    We need to have a louder word and a say with what's going and media have a big role in changing what's happening if more journalists and ppl step up and speak up like ibrahim eissa and many more !

  6. How many Egyptian women are beaten or raped by their husbands and do nothing. I've heard Egyptians speaking about Noha Rushdi and they all think she is a troublemaker who made a big deal out of nothing.

    Until Egyptian culture changes, this won't change. We are still eating the same food the pharoahs ate. Mu3axat are a way of life here. It isn't going to change even if the MB took over. Wake up and smell the turkish coffee!

  7. @anonymous#4 ,totally agree with you

    Well on contrary Noha Rushdia was praised everyone I meet still Culture to change for sure but here this case it is not only about culture it is about abuse of power and authority
    we Mediterraneans unfortunately consider sometime sexual harassment some kind of praise !!

  8. easiest way to avoid this type of unneccessary and often upsetting and scarring type of primitive caveman culture is don't go there!! heard the place is overated anyway!!no human being should have to submit themselves to this type of harassment...even if it is deemed as "culture"....what a load of camel droppings!!!
    as with most countries like egypt their main if not only export and therefore income is tourism...if you boycott that because of their behaviour then what will they become....another third world one in their right mind me included would want to spend a hard earned annual holiday in a sex starved abbusive to women so called holiday resort...give it a wide birth!!!probably easier to have a week in the sex offenders wing at strangeways!!


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