Sunday, December 14, 2008

The First Solar Power Plant in the World was in Maadi !!??

Ok ,this is totally unknown to me and I think to the most of the people.
The first solar power plant was built in Maadi in 1913 and operated for a less than year !!??
It is not a hoax because if you check the history of the Solar energy you will find that Solar energy  is much older than we think, it is not a 20th-century idea after.
It is a 19th century idea.
A photo for the Solar panel then 
In 1861, Auguste Mouchout developed the first steam engine powered entirely by the solar energy.
Of course, the costs of that invention and the fact it was the golden age of coal made it impossible for Mouchout to go on with his new invention.
Still the European and American scientists did not stop and continued their research reaching to what we know from global recognition and use of the solar energy as a clean renewable alternative source of energy.
Now as I said this is a totally new for me to know that the world's first solar power plant was set up for experminent in Maadi in 1913.
I am not surprised why they chose Egypt and Maadi. Some European scientist seemed to believe there was no place better to test the plant than sunny Egypt.
Still I wonder why we did not know about this experiment.
Anyhow if anyone has any information about this plant please share it with us  and help two Swiss artists  Christina Hemauer  and Roman Keller who are kindly enough to remind us with that lost part in our history.
Keller and Hemauer want to know what happened to this plant, I want to know more about it too.



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